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How can I find a pet-sitter that I trust?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) December 18th, 2007

We go out of town every few months (for a weekend to a week at a time). Sometimes I have friends that can check in on my cat, but it is tougher over the holidays. What to do?!

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my vet has a kennel that I use when friends are unavailible

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I’ve taken my baby to a “kitty spa” for a day. It’s a little more expensive than a kennal, but it’s cats only and they get play-time and special treats.

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how much does a kennal or kitty spa run?

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I would check with your vet to see who he or she recommends. An honest vet will tell you that your cat will generally be much better off – though perhaps a bit lonely – at home than in a kennel. Being boarded at a kennel can be quite stressful on cats and often they stop eating…at least this what our vet told us.

Also ask your friends and neighbors with pets. Chances are they’ll have someone they can recommend.

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Ya I just get a friend or family member to come over and maintain cat life support systems. Cats can get along well by themselves, though they may milk it for all it’s worth when you get home, telling you how mean you were. ;-)

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Here’s a trick we learned from our neighbor. She works at Berkeley, managing a student program. For the holidays, she simply circulates an email or a flyer to her students and offers them a nominal fee—a lot for a student, but not nearly as much as a typical sitter or pet hotel.

If you have a friend at Cal or one of the SF unis, I’d totally ask them to hook you up!

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Check references.

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You could hire ME! I am a trustworthy, responsible, experienced pet-sitter with many excellent references. Animals love me & I love them. I am also Andrew’s aunt. Where do you live? My profile (& many others) is on, username “granmoo”.

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I would get in contact with a house / pet sitting company and get their advice. I recently emailed and asked them about what do most people do to check out the house sitters credentials. They gave me common sense but good feedback.

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Andrew’s Aunt Kathleen is a pet sitter. She comes to your house and stays and cares for your pets and your house. But it is quite expensive! She lives here (near Chicago) and some people in North Carolina even fly her there and back, in addition to her regular daily fee.

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Sorry, Kathleen. I answered this question before I realized that you already had!! Good for you! Love!!!!

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