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Is there away in Fluther to follow a topic or tag?

Asked by msright1981 (95points) June 25th, 2009

I was wondering if there is away in Fluther to follow a topic or tag instead of following just a post you commented on. As I am interested in certain topics & don’t want to have to search for updates all the time. It would be nice if anything added on a certain topic will be added to my account in a similar manner to posts I commented on.

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Add those tags or keywords to your personal bio, then check the tab “Questions for You”, and you’ll see those questions are shunted to you. You might also activate the Flutherbot on your IM application, and it will alert you when a question that suits your tastes comes up. It’s quite nice.

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Yup. What eponymoushipster said is the only way.

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@eponymoushipster great answer, but I wonder how do you enable the Flutherbot. It seems quite interesting idea.

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