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So I had a very weird dream, what would you do?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) June 25th, 2009

I have very vivid detailed dreams, and the one I had last night proposed a moral question. Basically I was a landlord of some sorts and in the matter of two nights 4 of my friends/tenants were stabbed or shot in their sleep. To make a long story short, through my own investigation I found out that the killer was a four year old boy. He admitted it all to me and also gave me the murder weapons. His story was sad, he was left by his mother in the apartment months ago and she had also made him try cocaine when she was taking care of him. In the dream, much to my friends’ chagrin I refused to press charges, but found the mom and told her he needed psychiatric help and rehab. I woke up and it made me wonder, what would a verdict be for a 4 year old serial murderer? Could they charge him? Would the mother be held accountable? Would you press charges?

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No TV for 2 weeks.

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Individual people do not “press charges”. I would absolutely turn him over to the authorities. The victims’ families deserve to know what happened. The mother is clearly not a person capable of raising a 4 year old child, so just talking to the mother would have no positive effect.

Regardless, it’s a dream, so I wouldn’t think about it after I woke up.

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Yeah I should have mentioned what happened in the dream no way resembles what I would actually do in that situation.

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well in the real world. The child would be put into a psychiatric care facility and would be monitored and treated for sometime. Based on the nature of the boy in general, whether he understands what he did or not, how traumatized he is etc., he would be in there anywhere from 5–20 years. if he got a short stint in a care facility he’d be put in a foster home specifically for troubled children in the hopes someone adopts him or until he turns into an adult.

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Go back to sleep, try to have the same dream, let the kid kill his mother and then adopt him and offer him a better life . . . with a different ending (reparent the child in yourself . . .)

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I would leave that decision to the DA. Whether or not a 4yr old could actually kill is another matter.

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I wish I had (or could remember or whatever) dreams

I would turn the kid in for sure. The kid would be sure to do it again if not given very serious, immediate care. And even then he might still continue killing
@FireMadeFlesh Here bottom middle panel Xp

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i guess it depends. chances are, the boy had a really horrible upbringing (this is clearly the case in the situation in your dream) – so the parents would be held at least partially accountable (the cocaine thing for instance), but the boy should also be held accountable, as he did kill them, whether he’s 4 or 40. death does not know age. however, the boy may also have pinpoint-able mental problems, such as a severe case of schizophrenia, or he may be antisocial (there is an infinite difference between asocial and antisocial, for anyone wondering – asocial means you don’t play well with others; antisocial means you are capable of killing without any remorse). he should be treated accordingly.

interesting dream; i’d probably still be musing over it too.

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Of course I would press charges, the little beast needs to be punished in the harshest way possible. Hmmm!! I would say, take away his dummy, no rubber ducky’s in his bath. If these things don’t fix him, take away any of his knives over six inches long, all of his six shooters, all automatic rifles and any all day suckers he has hidden in his room.

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Nothing. It’s your dream.

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Take his toys, no bubbles in the tub, no watching TV, and make him watch stupid Twighlight everyday. :) do that for a month, and he’ll be taught.
ALSO: take every single thing out of his room exept a pile of clothes, his bed, and some blankets.

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