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Do you think Fluther should have a "Technology Questions" section?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 25th, 2009

Since about half the questions on Fluther seem to be about technology (I phones, computers, etc) should there be a techno-Fluther and a non-techno-Fluther section?

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No, I think that’s what the tags are for.

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Not necessarily. If I had to chose a section I might not see a question i would know the answer to and that wouldn’t benefit the person who asked it. I like it open and general. Easier to answer and ask.

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No, because then they would have a new rising area of questions, for example relationships. a boom in that subject would cause another separation, and do on and so on until there are like 50 different flutters

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That’s why the tags are there. If it’s getting bad, make your own Fluther or use the page that builds a page for you based on your history.

If you start dividing, you open the floodgates, people will demand further refinement.

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No. You can read the question and decide if it’s one you want to delve into or not. That is part of what is so great about fluther. You have the techno questions intermixed with all others and I might be interested in an IPOD question that day, or maybe not. But I like that I’m given the choice on the front page.

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Hmm, split their site up into multiple sections and it was a very controversial move. I see no reason for it.

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Oh thanks alot Ivan.

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For the false news that Goldblum was not dead, did you know how long it took me to figure that out

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The last I heard, Fluther is not divided into categories. There seems to be a good reason for this, but I forgot what it was.

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not if there are enough people using fluther who can answer the necessary questions…if there is enough traffic then you can reckon you will get your question answered….plus if you create one special off shoot for whatever you create a precedent for doing it again…and design-wise fluther’s scroll-down style of content is part of it’s appeal rather than endless divisions and sub-divisions?

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Ben and Andrew have mentioned several times, along with many Jellies, that they like the uncluttered and clean look of Fluther pages. If you were to start placing specific subjects/topics in certain menus or through certain links, that would reduce valuable space on the main page and give the appearance of disarray. I think it would be a shame to do that to an already very attractive Fluther website.

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No. Fluther ain’t broke. No need for messing with a winning formula.

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We should have a section called “iPhone”. That would take care of about 75% of the questions asked here… :P

I miss when I was like the only person with an iPhone. Now everyone has one. It doesn’t make me cool anymore… :(

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If it makes you feel any better, I never thought iPhones were cool, so your standing with me hasn’t changed.

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Either make sure nothing in your profile causes Fluther to offer you technology questions, skip over them, or use tags to find questions you like.

I see no reason to divide Fluther into smaller and smaller Fluthers.

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Really, what purpose would it truly serve to separate the questions? I think it’s fine how it is, now. There are tags on questions for a reason. Leave it the way it is now…it’s fine.

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Section? No. I’d rather not see sections. I don’t see a problem with the way it is now.

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though the technology questions often find their way into my ‘questions for you’, and ideally, that would be awesome, i don’t want categories. because then everything will have to be put into categories, and then there will be debate over “well why is this in that section?!” and the apocalypse will inevitably occur.

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