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How can I train myself to speed-type...( or at least type faster and more controlled ) ?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 25th, 2009
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Practicing everyday, trying it on a qwerty keyboard?

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@Tink1113 I didn’t think I needed to specify that… ;)
I practice quite a bit a day.. well, with the things I have to do on the net. but my eye keeps falling down to check on the letters I’m pressing.

I’ll ask dverhey, okay

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Find a typing lesson on the internet and follow the directions. It will always say that you must practice at least an hour every day.

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@Anatelostaxus – I was kidding :)

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You can take a shoebox and cut one of the (long) side panels out. Then put this over your keyboard with the cutout side facing you. Type by inserting your hands under the cutout area. Doing this means that even if you look down, you won’t be able to see the letters. Good luck!

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What helped me is I opened up word, and wrote random sentences

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I learned to type faster and without looking while I was working on my thesis. The ultimate in procrastination.

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@bezdomnaya—Good answer, I just threw a cloth over my hands, it’s a lot less trouble.

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We learned “keyboarding” in highschool. We weren’t allowed to look at the keyboard or we would get an “F” for the day. It became a contest with us to see who could type the fastest without errors. We practiced 3 days a week for an hour a day. To this day, I don’t look at the keyboard and I use the top numbers instead of the numbers at the side. I haven’t been timed lately, but I’m pretty fast.

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I used AIM a lot when I was younger and it helped a lot. Just try and get use to the keyboard, and please dont look at the keys when your typing. Learn by feeling.

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Buy some of the type training games – the ones where you have to hit key sequences to score or control objects. They teach young kids to type pretty fast.

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Everybody thinks I type ridiculously fast, and I don’t know how it got that way. I used Type to Learn in 5th grade, but I started getting really good at typing in 7th grade. Now I don’t even have to look at the monitor to type, much less the keyboard. All I can say is practice, practice, practice. It also helps if you have no job, and are on the internet 24/7 (almost) like me. ; )

Is there any specific reason you want to type faster, like you need to for your job, writing a paper, etc? It’s not really bad to be a slow typer.

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F and J have nubs on them for a reason.

Me. I type with two fingers while looking at the keyboard. And I got my first computer at seven.

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@johnpowell Haha and how fast do you type

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If you can’t prevent yourself from looking down, you can always shell out for that “blank” keyboard. The one with no keys labeled.

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@johnpowell: F and J have those nubs because the way most people learn how to type “correctly”. Those keys are where your two index fingers rest.

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its the same as how the youngin’s are getting good at texting. they do it ALL THE TIME.

justn's avatar is a free typing tutor. Give it a try.

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You can also try which will turn your typing into a competitive game. Will also increase your accuracy. Also try being grammatically correct when typing in forums, instant messenger apps, and other places where formal typing isn’t “necessary.” This will also improve your ability to type well.

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