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What would a keyboard built for speed be like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) July 15th, 2017

I heard that the Qwerty keyboards were made to slow down a typist for a manual typewriter. What would a keyboard built for fast typing be? What would the max words per minute WMP be?

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That would be the Dvorak keyboard, patented in 1936. It has its fans, but it has never caught on.

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I was looking for a link to say that the Qwerty keyboard was deliberately designed to slow down typing to avoid key jams on mechanical typewriters. I found this and this instead, which says that the Dvorak is not faster and that the design of the Qwerty was done for the benefit Morse code telegraphers.

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Numbers at the top and the letters arranged alphabetically, like I always thought they should be.

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A keyboard built for speed would probably not even be “a board” as we currently know it, but more like a glove, or even two gloves. That way a writer could pick out keys (uppercase and lower), symbols, numbers and control sequences in 3D.

Obviously, it should also be highly customizable, so that individual typists could change keystrokes / locations depending on their own preference, and it should “recognize” the user who wears it, so that the customization is seamless and fast.

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Forget keyboards. Let’s have perfect voice recognition.

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