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Body temperature 35 deg c and lower is it Harmfull?

Asked by graynett (1039points) June 26th, 2009

My oral body temp is 34.7 to 35.7 ear temp about 1deg higher is it a worry? or just over active Hypochondria

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Unless you are talking about Fahrenheit, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I would not worry about it. If your ear temp is 1 degree higher than your oral temp that would put it well within the range of “normal”. Most hospitals now use tympanic thermometers as they are more accurate than oral thermometers. The most likely reason the temperature is lower when you take it orally is because you are not using the thermometer correctly. Taking an accurate oral temp is quite a skill

A body temperature of less than 35C might indicate hypothermia however you would have other symptoms as well.

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have been told that Diabetes can lower temperature And I am a type 2 so maybe that a result

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