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Anything better than Omegle out there for random conversations?

Asked by scula (54points) June 26th, 2009

As in, connecting to someone you don’t know and then having a random conversation with them. This could be text or voice.

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Are you plugging Omegle ?

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the latest memes

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No link, no description—if it is a plug, it’s hard to imagine a worse one.

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Not a plug. I have used Omegle, but don’t work for them. I’m just wondering if there’s anything else out there like it. So far, I’ve only found sites that make you choose male/female, location, language etc and they don’t seem to work that well.

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I’ve never found anything better.

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Seems like it’s pretty fun: Hansen’d!

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Wow, I just went to check it out…this is wild…

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@robmandu Now that would be funny to have and use on people, when i did use Omegle i used an F.B.I warning , cause all people asked for was cyber without asking any details .

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omegle is fun! you just talk to strangers. most of the people who use it it seems are either chinese or from turkey. and many people just want to cyber but every once in a while you get a cool person and learn some new stuff about some crazy country. its neat.

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@deni, I had a discussion with someone about General Patton’s role in suppressing the Bonus Army in 1932, totally out of the blue, on Omegle once. The rest of the conversations involved me disconnecting from people looking for cyber sex. Interesting place, to say the least…

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Umm, aren’t we having random conversations with strangers now?

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