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If North Korea does start a war, what do you think will happen?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) June 26th, 2009

With North Korea threatening war with the United States. How will it go down? Will it happen when the US destroyer stops the ship?And what world changing events might possibly happen?

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In addition to time stopping, I think trees will start breathing oxygen and we will start breathing carbon dioxide.

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Honestly I was thinking more along the lines of a draft, and more than just the US becoming involved. Guessing there would be a lot of death.

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China will squash them like a bug!

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On a serious note, I don’t think North Korea would start war with the United States. I think North Korea would do something that it knows would piss off the United States, perhaps even do something more threatening/intimidating, in an attempt to provoke the United States into declaring war.

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NK is such a difficult issue. I don’t have any answers how it could be done, but to stay away from the country and conflicts with them and try to sort it out with diplomacy. The biggest problem as I see it, is that NK has one crazy dictator but also a people that more or less is on his side. It would be different if the people themselves started something, but I doubt that will happen.

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don’t hope for armageddon, because it won’t

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Somehow I doubt it would be much of a war. They have, what? A few missiles? It seems like even if they did aim them at the US, the US would be able to shoot them down. I mean, Star Wars has to be good for something. It’s much more likely that they’d try to smuggle the bomb into LA, like 24 and set it off that way. I doubt they’d even claim responsibility.

I think if they took an aggressive step against the US, then no one would mind if we invaded them and I think that might be a case where it wouldn’t take too long to win a military victory and then win a hearts and minds victory.

I can’t believe NK would be stupid enough to start a war. If they did, they would be committing suicide for their regime. Which actually might be the best thing they can do for their people.

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They won’t start a war.

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Nuclear Winter will will cancel the effects of Global Warming.

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I honestly don’t think North Korea would be stupid enough to start a war with anyone, much less the United States. They have essentially no resources, a very small army, and severely outdated military technology.

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I would have to note that the scariest thing is that their dictator is extremely ill, and does not have much longer to live. When you fight an opponent that does not care to die, then you’re dealing with someone that doesn’t care what will happen to them in the long run, he just wants to make this on personal vendetta. I disagree extremely with President Barack Obama approach on this matter. He has not formally address the nation on this matter that I think is more important than the turmoil in Iran. I feel that Obama needs to create and invisible line for North Korea to not pass, because that ship is getting extremely close to the Hawaiian borders and still we know nothing about the contents of the carrier. I feel that he does not need to use overpowering violence, but I feel that he needs let North Korea know that if it passes that line then we are going to demand that ship be searched. If not then most to the next level.

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I agree. China will not let it go too far.

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Depending on how they start the war, they will either be quickly jointly occupied by the United States and China or, if they launch a nuclear weapon, will probably get nuked in retaliation.

@GoPhillies, your “scariest thing” scenario is simply an assumption made by you about the behavior of a dictator that you have no way of knowing and verifying. North Korea’s behavior has been consistent for the past several decades; nothing has changed except that apparently you personally feel scared now. I am glad that Obama’s foreign policy, unlike his predecessor’s, does not consist of brash, strong-armed reactions to irrational and overblown fears.

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North Korea reminds me of a spoiled toddler. When the news started focusing on Iraq, it was time for them to make threats.

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@SuperMouse – I agree totally. And I also agree that China will not let Kim Jong Il do diddly-squat. After all, NK is a client state of China, is it not?

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I believe we will have WWIII, so I hope it will not happen any soon.

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Why is the USA always on the Brink of war with someone or other?
America will not pick a fight with any nuclear power, (haven’t so far, have they?) don’t much like the idea of a fair fight, they prefer the grossly asymmetric variety, like most bullies….as for anti ballistic missiles, if a tactical warhead is coming from altitude at some mind-boggling velocity, it would have to be some system to intercept it, i think America will be hit by a nuclear device of some sort within our lifetime.

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I would just like to point out that Daniel Schorr, Weekend Edition’s news analyst, said just about everything I said above in his news analysis this past weekend.

Well, in my memory he did—I don’t have sound on my computer right now, so I can’t check.

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I doubt any one is ready for a war in this economic specially the US, though this war might clean up the economic miss if it grow up to a WWIII. I don’t want them to clear the economic mess though with a bigger mess.

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