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Does having too many add-ons slow Firefox down or make it crash?

Asked by Trustinglife (6653points) June 26th, 2009

Or is it something else? What else could be causing it problems?

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Sorry in advance for grammar, I’m typing on my phone.

Add-ons can slow Firefox’s initial startup time, but actual load times of pages shouldn’t take any additional time. Have you downloaded any add-ons from sources outside of Firefox/Mozilla?

Also how many tabs do you have open when it crashes? Firefox runs all tabs together which can lead to crashes if you have a lot of them open at once. Luckily it’s an easy fix you simply just need to spread tabs across two open Firefox windows.

The other posible cause is a virus or malware…. Dun, dun, duuuuun!

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Not “too many add-ons” as such, but one or two BAD add-ons can give major problems.

This link may help you
Many “Firefox” problems are caused by incompatible themes, extensions, or programming errors in plugins. As a quick diagnostic, you may wish to switch to the default theme or, if the problem appeared after installing a new extension or after upgrading Firefox, use the Add-ons manager (accessible from the Tools menu) to update or disable your extensions, before going through the diagnostic steps below. Starting with Firefox 3, plugins can also be disabled using the Add-ons manager.

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I have a lot of Add-Ons for Firefox, and a relatively quick internet connection, and my FF still works fine. You should be fine unless you have a super-slow ‘net connection.

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Hell yeah, I’m hogging mine down terribly with the tens of extensions. Take for example HTML validator – it needs to analyze a page’s code when it loads, so obviously that increases load time.

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I have a ton of plug ins and I have about 8 sites set to open in tabs at start up. Firefox is a little slow loading because of this but once it’s running it’s fine.

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