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What is the best way to move with 3 cats?

Asked by Ashalah (402points) June 27th, 2009

My fiance and I are moving to Iowa from Missouri. We have 3 cats. I was just wondering what the best way to move them would be. I know some people say sedate them but I don’t really want to do that. Is there anything I could do to make it a little easier and less stressful on them? Any help will be appreciated!

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My sister has had to do this. Feed them less than normal before the trip, and very small snacks along the way (many cats get carsick on long journeys). Put them in a kennel so that if they do vomit, the mess is contained a bit. If you, your fiance, and you cats will all be in the same vehicle, I’d think that pulling one cat out of the kennel at a time and holding them would help to comfort them a bit.

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put a towel in the carrier for them to be more comfortable.

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Also, bring some bottled water and some small water dishes and stop periodically to let the cats have a water break. That is actually more important than food.

It also helps if the towels smell like you – you might put the towels in your bed and sleep on them a few times before the trip.

Be sure to never under any circumstances leave the cats in the car unless the A/C is running. In summer, the temperature inside a car rises rapidly and, although cats were originally desert animals, they aren’t any longer.

Be prepared for toileting accidents and bring stuff to clean a cage if a cat lets go. One person can cuddle the cat in the car while the other cleans the cage. As soon as an accident happens you need to deal with it so the cat doesn’t get soiled, too.

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Try Rescue Remedy.

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I moved across country with two cats. I sedated them the first day; it knocked the male out and made the female, who was generally very motherly toward the him, quite aggressive. Poor little boy was too out of it to defend himself.

The rest of the trip they went without drugs and were fine. I had a towel in there and pointed them in a direction that allowed them to see me. I talked to them a lot and stopped for cuddle and water breaks. They cried, but I’m sure they were bored and tired of being cooped up. Overall they did very well. I think being in there together helped, especially for the male who was a little skittish.

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I Moved from Florida to New Jersey with 3 cats in an RV. The oldest cat(9yrs) had no trouble with the trip at all. The middle one (5yrs) freaked out in the carrier, and panted a lot like a dog does when it is overheated at first, but settled down after a few hours. The youngest (2 years) was a little spazzy, but settled easier than the middle one.

We RV quite a bit these days, and we now only have the 2 younger cats. I don’t feed them the morning we leave so they won’t have stomach upset, and I stop frequently during the first few hours to soothe them and give them a chance to calm down. Once they get used to the ride, they settle pretty easily.

As the others said above, put a towel in their crate, and take breaks to calm them. Good luck with your move.

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If your cats aren’t used to carriers, set them out a few days before hand with the doors opened, and the towels you’re going to use in them. My cats liked to climb inside and play and/or sleep in them. This gets them more used to the idea of being in one.

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@Darwin Be careful about ‘leaving the AC on’. Most cars have to have the engine running for the AC to work. If the AC is turned on and running without the engine on, it is nothing more than a fan. Many pets and children have died because of this error.

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@YARNLADY – I don’t know any cars where the AC runs unless the engine is on. I wouldn’t even have thought of trying to run the AC without the engine. Even if it could run without the engine, that would be a marvelous way to kill the battery.

However, I constantly see idiots who leave there animals in cars in the summer with nothing more than a slightly open window. Hence, my warning.

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@Darwin Yes, just last week I overheard an argument between a parking lot attendant and a man who insisted that his dogs would be just fine! The attendant finally had to call the police.

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