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How can I return this DVD to Wal Mart?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) June 27th, 2009

I bought X Files season 9 and I put it in my Mac using Frontrow (which I used for all other 8 seasons), and it starts playing but less than a minute into the first episode it starts screeching and shows bars. I turned off my computer and tried again and the same thing happened at the same scene, same spot. I turned off my computer again, ejected the disc and there are scratches all over the disc!!!! I’m so pissed off because I went out of my way to get this season and it was 40$!!!! I used this mac to play all of the other 8 seasons with no problems, so I know that the mac is not the problem or else all my other discs would be scratched too.

I’m wondering if I can return it or exchange it now. I opened the shrink wrap and also the white tape that sticks the case together. I have the receipt.

When I opened the case, the disc was not tightly fitted on the ring but all the other ones were. I took two more discs off their rings to see if they were scratched too, but this one seems to be the only one out of the 5 discs.

So how would I go about returning this? Is it possible given the fact that I opened it? Can I exchange it for a better copy?

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Further inspection of the box show scratches on the inside opposite where that DVD’s place is, as well as the spot under the DVD’s place.

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You should be able to change it for another copy of the same product. It would probably help if you have the receipt and if you only recently bought the disc.

You wouldn’t know they had sold you a damaged product till you opened it and they have a duty to sell you a product that is “fit for purpose” (at least going by UK law but I’m gonna assume that Canadian law is similar).

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i work for sam’s and the policy is basically the same. as long as its been less than 30 days, take in your receipt and the movies and you can do an equal exchange for a defunct product.

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I just called and they said that I have to come in either later today or tomorrow because I bought it today. One of the employees put aside another copy (the last one).

I’m curious though, how do they know if it was their fault or mine? I have evidence that it was their fault (the scratches on the inside of the case), but I just wanna know. Also, what assures me that the other copy won’t be scratched too? If it is, I have to shlep there 3 times, which would royally suck because of the rain.

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In my experience WALMART will return anything. A buddy of mine packed up his 1 year old PS3 fully in box and exchanged it for a XBOX elite. Totally funny.

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I just wasted half my day. I got there, 2 hours after I bought it and I had to wait in a huge line. I got to the counter, explained my situation, they called the electronics department and the guy took forever to come by. Coincidently, he was the guy I asked advice from when I got the DVD in the first place.

I get the DVD that he put aside for me and he comes with me to the customer service desk. I skip the line (which tripled in size) and they do the exchange, while inspecting the DVD and the case.

Once outside, I open the case and inspect the DVD just to double check. It’s scratched again. So I go back in, the greeter recognizes me and I have to explain the situation and she goes to customer service with me and then she leaves. The customer service person says to go to the electronics dept. but another greeter sees I don’t have a green sticker on my DVD so I gotta go back to customer service to get one.

So the guy at electronics tests out the DVD in one of the TVs on display and it works for the first 2 minutes of the 1st episode but I fear that it won’t work when I get home. He comes with me to customer service, I skip the line (which is HUGE) and I get my money back in ca$h, even though I paid in debit.

So I ended up wasting my day with nothing gained. I ended up in the exact spot where I started.

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all places will give you cash back when you pay debit. Debit acts as cash from your account.

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@Mtl_zack…Order it from They’ll ship to your home (in two days with no shipping charge if you have Amazon Prime) and if there is a problem, they will pay return postage and give you a replacement or refund very quickly. And there is no sales tax and you’ll save your gasoline and your time. Here is a link. See ya…wtf

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As long as they have goods to return to their supplier and they don’t think you have damaged the goods deliberately, and as someone else said, you have a receipt.There should be no problems.

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