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Anybody know what dreams are like for someone who's been blind all their life?

Asked by loser (15017points) June 27th, 2009

Just curious…

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My bad.

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@loser it’s okay, it happens to everyone :)

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lol @ the thread.

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Actually, I’d recommend THIS thread.

Not just because I answered in that one (shameless self-promotion is always the best kind), but because the fellow that also answered linked to a similar question with a whole slew of other responses.

Really cool stuff.

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I’m a loser. Thanks y’all!

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@loser no you’re not “a loser” you’re just loser :)

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But your our loser.

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We love you and your silly repeat questions. <3 :D

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Sounds. Smells. Touches. No pictures because the respective part in the neocortex never developed.

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