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How do you like your boiled eggs? What are the psychological, philosophical and spiritual imlications of your preference?

Asked by ragingloli (51740points) June 29th, 2009

I prefer eggs where the yolk is still liquid.
It is simply delicious

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I like them the way you like them. This means we must be together forever.

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When boiled, I like hard boiled.

But, I prefer my eggs scrambled or sunny side up. Hard boiled is a fun snack though.
I think it means I don’t like raw egg.

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Actually, I don’t much care for boiled eggs at all unless they are deviled. I also read absolutely nothing into that. SOmetimes a food is just a food.

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I don’t like boiled eggs at all, hard or soft. It’s the white that tastes weird to me, boiled. This means that I was orphaned as a child, and have abandonment issues; that I am a Platonist, and that, spiritually speaking, I believe the chicken came first.

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Whenever i have egg it has to be soft yolk , it has more flavour i think .

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I like deviled eggs. This clearly means that I am the Antichrist.

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I like them hard-boiled, sliced and over a salad. I don’t really like to eat them just on their own. Obviously this means that I’m afraid of commitment.

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properly hardcore hard boiled, (=P), because im scared on getting food poisoning from them, so i guess there’s less of a danger then…
i hope so anyway… =)

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Don’t like hard-boiled or soft-boiled. I like my eggs sunny side up – I am obviously an eternal optimist.

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I like them Benedict style. I guess you can’t trust me?

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@daloondidn’t the rooster?

I like hard boiled eggs soft and runny inside. Same with fried. And my scrambled eggs very very VERY soft.

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@Bri_L Are you questioning my spirituality? The profane church of chicken first? I hope not. If you are into Roosterism, then we have nothing to talk about! ;-)

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@daloon – Big time feather loving lurve for Roosterism! :-D

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I like my boiled eggs fried. Its much quicker than boiling, just melt a bit of butter and you’re away.
I’m clueless about any “psychological,philosophical” or “spiritual implications” of my preference. But I would welcome a reading from you.
Oh yes, yolk as soft as possible!

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Frying boiled eggs? That seems a bit redundant. You must be OCD! ;-)

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I like hard boiled eggs but I remove the folk prior to consumption.
That’s more for health than for spiritual reasons.
Maybe the absence of the yolk could be seen as a Zen thing.

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I prefer creamy to runny yolk boiled eggs…
...and this link tells me that I’m gentle, sensitive, neat, not easy to please.
The not easy to please, especially when it comes to food seems correct.

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I don’t really care. I guess that makes me an agnostic?

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@loser Surely you mean eggnostic!

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@lloydbird You win the Internet.

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I don’t really like hard boiled eggs. A close look at the implications would indicate:

psychologically – I have an innate fear of unhealthy cholesterol that can be obtained from eggs

philosophically – I abstain eating things that are or have been oval in shape at some point because they disrupt my karma

spiritually – I’ve yet to find religion through an object that is secreted out of the hind end of a farm animal. I’ll work on it.

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I don’t damage them with heat. I eat them raw.

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Heating the cholesterol damages it and makes it unhealthy. If you don’t damage it it is healthy. We need undamaged cholesterol. Many mammals eat just the brains of their prey or eggs to get that cholesterol. For example bears and cats eat brains sometimes and toss the rest sometimes. A fresh raw egg yolk taste like vanilla. Make sure it’s fresh though. Country eggs are the best. If you are not used to it thought start with only a half a day for a few days or it will make you sick because if you are not used to digesting raw protien it will nausiate you.

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I like my hard boiled eggs with a bright yellow yolk which is completely cooked. I do not like the green (overdone) or runny (undercooked) yolks. so perhaps I have perfection issues. I do not think too deep into the whole eating the young of another species to dominate over them too much..that is simply just too out there. I think this thief -iery of eggs (any mammals) is harmless enough to keep out of hunger. You can blame anyone for staying alive. Spirtuality, God intended all species to survive so I am doing Gods work by eating my eggs.

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@Lovethebeach – Welcome to fluther and love the icon!

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