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Is there somewhere where I can have someone look at my code and give me suggestions on how to make it better?

Asked by frankielaguna (256points) June 29th, 2009

In my effort to better programming skill I was wondering if there was somewhere that someone knows about where you can submit your code, or have someone look at your code and tell you what you can do differently or better. etc.


PS: I’m talking about PHP Specifically

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There are dozens of PHP forums on the web where you can submit things like that. Just search for PHP community or PHP forum. Most web design forums and communities will have an area for programming help as well. If you are dealing with a certain script or framework, then those usually have their own forums as well. Just post a thread showing your code and asking for whatever help you need.

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comp.lang.php over on Usenet. Don’t expect them to be kind, though…

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Also, you’re looking at it :)

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