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Best minimally toxic method for getting rid of grubs?

Asked by syz (35695points) June 29th, 2009

Each time I dig a hole for planting in my yard, I dig up 8–10 of these disgusting, inert, dirty-white grubs. I’m pretty sure they’re not good for my plants, but I hate spraying chemicals (I have 5 active bird nests going in my yard right now). Any have any experience with a less toxic remedy?

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Do the three universities near you have aggie departments? UNC and NCS probably do. I would call them or check their web sites. I think that eradicating grubs is tough, if you are trying to go green. I would check but am recovering now from closing Milo in an unused bedroom for 13 hours and thinking he was lost in the woods.

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use beer, the grubs love it and it kills them

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Beneficial Nematodes worked wonders for me.

you can find them through several on line retailers but if you have a decent local gardening store you should find them there.

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We encourage toads in our yard. They quickly learn that when I am digging I will throw the grubs to them. Thus I tend to have an amphibious audience and fewer grubs.

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raccoons are notorious for digging them up and eating them, and moles and ground squirrels also find them tasty. They are the larval stage of the common June beetle. They are more harmful to grass than to other plants. They also make great catfish bait. you could try frying them and see if they taste good, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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