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Do you or would you check Fluther whilst vacationing?

Asked by LC_Beta (1883points) June 30th, 2009

I’m leaving tomorrow for a couple of weeks, and I got to thinking about how I’ll miss reading Fluther every day (I am from the U.S., going to Prague and Berlin, so I can’t use my cell phone to get online).

Just wondering: do you suffer from Fluther withdrawals (the Fluthdrawalers?) when you go off for a while?

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Absolutely. I checked in regularly while both in Boston and Hawaii last year, as well as Santa Cruz this last April. Daddy needs his fix.

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I was on for a little while every night while I was in in Vermont for a week in May.

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Yep. Whilst in L.A., you bet your ass I was checkin’ in, making sure you guys and gals weren’t causing any trouble.

They really need to find a way to crystallize Fluther so I can smoke it.

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Yup, I do it everytime I’m in LA
@Grisaille Im with you on that

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Yes, I have and I’ll continue to. I don’t check in as much as I used to (even when I’m not on vacation), but I still check.

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I am, right now.

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Why do you think that they invented BlackBerrys? Why do you think that Obama’s first command decision was to keep his BlackBerry?

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Definitely would. I already suffer withdrawals while lying in bed trying to get some shut eye every night. Can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t during vacationing. I’d probably be a sucky companion…

Thanks goodness for iPod and wi-fi!

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I’m in Colorado Springs on vacation and I check Fluther every day. The best part is, I have lots of extra time on my hands, so I can Fluther to my heart’s content.

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I do, definitely, Fluther on vacation. However, when I do my big vacation this year, I doubt I will have internet access which means no Fluther. So… in the US, yes, I would. Internationally, no, I wouldn’t.

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We usually don’t bring our laptop with us on vacation. And if we do, it’s so we can look up places to go where we’re at. I try to spend as much time with my husband as I can when we get a vacation together.

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@casheroo- That’s why you need an iPhone.

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@AstroChuck I don’t believe in iPhone’s.

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I usually will in an airport and have spare time, but probably not in a hotel. I won’t go out of my way to check it.

It usually depends on where I am. If it’s somewhere like San Francisco or LA I will, just because I can very easily jump into a coffee shop to “Check My Email”, which pretty much means check Fluther.

I will be in Hawaii from the 14th to the 24th, though, and will not be checking Fluther then.

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We just spent several days camping next to the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, CO and we did not check Fluther while we were there. The campground did have a wi-fi connection and we thought about bringing our laptop but decided not to. I must admit that the break was nice but it is good to see all my Fluther friends again.

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Hell, I live in the broom closet at Fluther headquarters, I don’t vacation, unless it’s a trip to Ben’s fridge to ‘borrow’ a quart of Moose Tracks ice cream, so going without fluther is never a worry of mine.

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did someone say Moose Tracks? yummy!

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It depends where I am and what kind of vacation. I deliberately didn’t while in France but am on a lot now while in our ‘vacation home” in Florida. If it’s a vacation with lots of down time, I will, but if I want to be really engaged with where I am, I won’t.

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@casheroo- I’m here to tell you they exist.

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No,I don’t bring my computer on vacation and I don’t have a phone with mobile browsing capabilities. I prefer it that way.

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My husband detests the day he got me an iPhone! ;-)

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Just boarded a flight to France and here I am on my phone, Fluthering. I will update this thread and let y’all know whether I was able to stay away. Somehow, I don’t think I will. I’m reassured to see that so many others are as addicted as I :-)

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I consider myself on vacation always. Sometimes, I even check fluther while working, but that’s rare.

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