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Does anyone have experience with the Healthy NY insurance plan?

Asked by elocin (479points) July 1st, 2009

I’m mostly interested in finding out about people’s experiences with the various HMOs, i.e., Aetna, Empire, etc. They all seem so similar, I’m not sure which one to apply to. TIA!

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I don’t have experience with Healthy NY, but I see that CDPHP is one of its providers. That’s what I had when I was on my parents’ health insurance. It was always excellent and we never had any issues with it. (And we did use it quite often; we have so many freakin’ health problems.)

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Most providers in NYC are non-preferred, which means that your insurance company won’t cover as much as they would for a preferred provider. You ought to go to your current providers or the providers you want to go to, and ask them not only if they take the insurance you are considering, but if they are preferred providers for that company. You can probably find this out on the HMOs’ websites, too. Also be sure to look at whether/how much the HMO will cover for pre-existing conditions. If it’s all Greek to you, try asking this question of your primary doc’s Referrals Coordinator/Patient Services Coordinator – it’s their job to help you with stuff like this.

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