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I have recurring themes in dreams, can anyone tell me what they mean?

Asked by fathippo (746points) July 1st, 2009

Firstly, a lot I have dreams where i am pushed underwater, or water is pushed on to me (like once there were these trees thrashing their branches around and every time they hit the ground it splashed water out submerged me). But what happens is that i can always take little shallow breaths when i am seemingly completely under, and when im being pushed around or whatever. I guessed this might just be because i am breathing in real life.
Also, a lot i am around people, but always feel completely disconnected from them, like cant see their faces, or know of their presence, but not who they are or what they’re doing there
Also ever since i was about 3/4 sitting in cars and they start moving uncontrollably, which always scares me, but i think its got less and less threatening as i got older, and seem to make some effort at driving, whereas before it ended up someone turning up and stopping it.
Lastly, hiding from these alien things, that starts with a noise like that war of the worlds thing, but it always ends with everyone really confused…
Lastly again, what about when you hear music? the other night I heard Waste by Seether so clearly and in my dream i was crying so much because it sounded so amazing…

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maybe about the water thing, you feel as if you are being pressured or you are under so much stress that you feel as if you are surrounded by confusion, exhaustion, anger, ect….whatever….

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There are a few kinds of dream interpretation. I dont know anything about the kind that tries to match up dreams of toilets with anguish in your love life, or anything like that. I do know a little about psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams, which requires that you see an analyst frequently, over a long period of time. Dreams images and events are significant because they arise from psychological percolation of images and events in your life, and so they are associated with those images and events. But you’d need another person who was familiar with the events of your life and what you think about them to make connections between those associations with you. A different way to explore this on your own is to write down your dreams immediately upon waking, and then read over your dream journal when you have a bunch recorded. Don’t pore over them as if they were a code, just let your mind linger on the images and see what they make you think of.

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Your subconscious is questioning your social awareness, involvement. Maturity makes you wonder if that is a safe thing to do. You feel somewhat disconnected from society but long for the beauty it can give to you… If only you could engage with it.

Find a bingo night and go.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies i guess i am probably too introverted or something (i dont like socialising dude at all) and bingo? maybe i should consult my uncle about that one… i hear he is quite enthusiastic… =P

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Before I can answer this I need the answers to a couple of questions.

Have you ever taken NyQuil and mushrooms together?

Are there any colors that cause you to scream out loud?

Have you, to your knowledge, ever been bitten by a llama?

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It’s all about finding “your” thing. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do that in isolation. Get out and experience as much as you possibly can. You’ll meet a lot of great people (and assholes) along the way. But all the while, you will discover “your” thing by being curious about others and their things.

If you “don’t like socializing” that’s fantastic. It puts you at a great advantage… and here’s why. It means that you are either a judgmental self righteous asshole, or very insecure with yourself… possibly both. Don’t take that the wrong way friend. I myself am speaking AS the most insecure judgmental self righteous asshole there ever was.

I’m not here to hold your hand or pad your feelings. But at some point you need to face a dose of Truth smack. If your introversions become aversions then you are on your way to a sad and lonely life later on. Don’t go there, especially when you currently hold the advantage in the present moment.

You have a great opportunity to address insecurity through the practice of humility. You can be social, without being too social. Become the servant, and know the joy of doing so… for at least a little while. It generally takes three years to overthrow a kingdom.

Still live in Portsmouth?

Call Jasmine Fletcher and ask how you can volunteer your services for Greener Living.

Contact the Housing department and volunteer to fight Homelessness.

I see that you enjoy music, art… and you draw? Portsmouth has a great Arts & Entertainment community and somebody probably needs your help on a project.

There is a great quantity of expressive life taking place all around you. Offer yourself to that endeavor, become the servant, keep your mouth closed and your eyes open, bright and smiling. With every step, you will come closer to finding “your” thing. In fact, this process will teach you how to actually “create” your thing. This will unleash the great leadership qualities within you.

Do it soon please, because before you know it, someone else will be at a crossroads in their life, and need you and your experience to help them move in the right direction.

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More about your dream.

“a lot i am around people, but always feel completely disconnected from them”

You just described the Fluther experience. Learn how to meet people and deal with them in the flesh. Fluther is not your sugar daddy, so don’t get too comfortable with online relationships. Very few people here will be by your side on your death bed. Who will lend you money when you’re in need? Who can you REALLY reach out to other than those you have REAL physical relationships with?

“sitting in cars and they start moving uncontrollably”

Life keeps moving with or without you. Enjoy the ride… better yet, learn to steer it in the direction you want to go.

“hiding from these alien things”

Go out and meet the aliens. They have great wonders to share with you. “Confusion” only comes from avoiding the issue and thinking they’re point phasers in your direction. Meet them face to face. They have a great story to tell you and good listeners are always the best companions. Besides, they make fantastic cookies.

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wow cheers i would never have made that connection even though its probably kinda obvious… (?)
learning how to make life go in some direction would be good… i tend to give in to whatever other people want all the time and it always means i never get anywhere…
because im a bit of an idiot…
hmm i should change in lots of ways…

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@faithippo: Those dreams sound very unpleasant. The thing about dreams is that you cannot just lookup a particular theme or object in a “dream dictionary”... Even though such things exist, they are very inaccurate. Each person has symbols which mean something unique to them. For example, one person dreams of flying and it is happy, free, peaceful. Another person might dream of flying and it might be scary, uncontrollable, etc…

However, having said that, there is a very clear pattern with those themes you listed. In all those themes, you have a lack of control over either yourself, or of the situation. This might indicate that the theme of control is an important theme in your normal life. Perhaps with your work life, family life, or relationships. My personal opinion is that these dreams will subside once you gain a complete sense of control over yourself, and your life.

Regarding the faceless people, something interesting to keep in mind about dreams is that everything in your dream is yourself, or some aspect of yourself. When you are dreaming about other people, they are not actually there, only you exist in your dreams. Therefore, when you dream about faceless people with whom you cannot connect, it is very telling about your relationship with yourself. It could also possibly tie into the problem of a lack of control within yourself.

If these dreams are causing you distress, I would suggest going to see a psychologist, or a psychoanalyst.

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