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Is there an IQ test that's easier for right brain people? Or does it not even matter?

Asked by fathippo (746points) July 2nd, 2009

all IQ tests I got given and stuff are all maths and more maths which hurts badly…
Not that i really wanna do it to be honest, but wondering if there are ones with less maths and you know what you can do easier if you aren’t left brain dominant…
I’m guessing they already add it all together and it’s just because im stupid i cant do it them…

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I dunno, i know IQ tests test only the logical capability of the individual, not any other possible skill or knowledge.

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Turns out the best predictor of future success is not IQ tests, but the marshmallow test. As a child, if you could resist eating a marshmallow for 15 minutes, it indicates a kind of restraint that will bless that person with success in later life. The ones who ate up the marshmallow quickly would have more difficulty. What do you think you would have done at the age of four confronted with a marshmallow?

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@skfinkel most likely eaten it man…
which might just have set me up for a life of failure… =P

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@skfinkel You forgot to mention that the kid is told not to eat it, i don’t recall if there’s a price involved as well…

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Mini or jumbo marshmallow, and did I have breakfast?

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IQ test have been shown over and over again to not be any kind of representation of intelligence.

“IQ is not synonymous with the term “intelligence.” (Also see the Nodin Dialogue Intelligence Vs. IQ.) IQ is a mathematically-derived sum of numbers; nothing else. While it may be true that higher intelligence may usually score higher on IQ tests, the IQ score itself is not a valid indication of intelligence. It is well known that some high IQ individuals cheated on their IQ tests, and so if a high IQ score can be attained by a low intelligence person, then IQ scores by themselves mean nothing.

IQ is a man-made invention. Intelligence existed before IQ tests were invented. IQ can never, under any circumstances whatsoever, be synonymous to intelligence. IQ is a man-made mathematical measurement of an individual’s mental processing speed, and never can the measurement become the thing measured. (Also see the Nodin Dialogue Firsts.) ”—source

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The test is called “Life” and also is good for testing the left-side of your brain, too.

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The division between left and right brain is not so clear cut.
But in lay-men speech, people tend to generalize as such…

IQ is a general measure of intelligence. Therefore, different aspects of intelligence need to be measured (of which math and logical reasoning are part).

There are different aspects of intelligence and it is possible to score high on some tests while failing to get even one answer right on other tests.
Some tests do provide ratings for different aspects… (verbal, numeric, logical, visual,...)

But, as all kinds of intelligence have something in common (people who score high on one test, tend to score higher on other tests as well), we can measure what we call ‘general intelligence’...

last remark: tests have measurement error, so if you get a IQ score of 105 on a test, your ‘true’ IQ score would be near 105 (maybe 100, maybe 110)

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