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Reliable online IQ test? (or if not, a place/company that does them?)

Asked by zina (1653points) September 27th, 2008

I’m looking for free (or possibly very cheap) real-deal IQ testing, but would like to know any recommendations since I see a whole bunch through Googling and I imagine they vary quite a bit and don’t know which (if any) to trust!

Any one know of places that offer this? Schools, govt, clinics, non-profits?

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I personally liked the one I found on Tickle a long time ago.
It says it is PhD certified and was only $20 or $30 dollars, plus once I paid for it, I was given access to their other PhD certified tests at no charge, so i did a bunch of them and printed out the results before canceling my account.

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thanks jack – i did just come across that – do you have any experience with it or know that even though it says it’s not an IQ test that it gives a reliable score at the end?

i also found, which has $18 home tests or $40 in-person ones

thanks for the tickle tip too!

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What is it needed for?
Here’s a free one I just found:

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I think I remember them doing them on tv once, unless I’m crazy
I’m probably crazy.

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@aanuszek1 – You’re not crazy

This was done in the US too.

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