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How hilarious is Gail Collins in the NYTimes on Gov. Sanford?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) July 2nd, 2009

“I think I speak for us all when I say that no spouse is allowed more than one officially sanctioned goodbye visit to his mistress.”

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@skfinkel Thank you for that great link. I loved the article!

I especially liked this line, _“Serving as chaperone was a “spiritual adviser,” who I hope was given enough downtime to enjoy a nice dinner and take in some sights,” because I was thinking this morning that Sanford is so cheap he probably made the poor guy fly up on his own dime and pay for his own dinner.

Although I generally dislike Maureen Dowd, it was fun reading her too as she put her knife in to this pathetic simulacrum of manhood the other day.

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I read her columns immediately whenever they appear. She is the new Maureen Dowd (who is running out of steam), but I agree about the column you linked. It is easy fodder; we could probably write equally amusing stuff about a guy who is so dumb that he thinks he won’t be recognized in the Atlanta airport because he is governor of S.C.

I will be interested to see who else responds.

@Marina; I get the NYT online daily, read the headlines, editorials, op-ed and letters and have Health and Technology flagged.

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Hi Gail, I have a weird tic. (OK, those who know me know I have more than one.)

I am not much for Op Ed pages, and usually tend to avoid them like the plague.

So, unless it makes news on its own or Andy recommends one for my reading, I tend to miss the opines of talking heads on a regular basis.

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Whats more hilarious is people actually believe Fox News.

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Pretty hilarious, I haven’t watched all of it. But in my opinion, EVERYTHING makes me laugh!

@mzdesigns When people do Believe Fox News, it’s not terrible, just funny, and amusing to hear about they’re stories they have heard.

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