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How do I know which component is failing in my laptops power system? (i.e. battery, charger, power supply)

Asked by BCarlyle (392points) July 3rd, 2009

For the past week or so, when I plug my laptop into the wall it only “registers” that it is being charged about 30% of the time. The rest of the time it continues as if it were on battery power and dies rathr quickly. Is this an indication that my battery itself is going bad or that it’s the charger? I’ve also heard that there is a component inside the laptop called the “power supply”. The bottom line is that I am looking for the least expensive way to fix the problem… but don’t know which component to address. Any words of wisdom from the fluther crowd?

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what is the model and age of the laptop?

is the connection socket where it plugs into the laptop loose at all? often times the socket on the computer can become detached from the motherboard from being dropped on it, or hit while plugged in, or even just wear and tear after being too old. this is a rather expensive repair if it is the case.

Chargers also die on cheaper laptops quite freqently.

keep us posted

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sounds like a bad battery

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First, borrow someone’s charger and see if it charges better with a different charger. Next, check the website for the manufacturer to see if there’s been a recall on batteries for your laptop. Check your manufacturer’s website to see if they have a question about battery life diagnostics posted.

A rechargeable battery should last you about two years before it needs to be replaced.

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It sounds like the connection is bad. Can you spin/jiggle the plug and get it to recognize the connection?

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if you take the battery out, and plug it in the wall will the laptop power up?

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Call the company. They probably already know that your particular model of laptop has this problem with its power supply after so many years (or months) and can either have you send your machine in to be fixed or they might send you a new power pack/charger.

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Where did the asker go?

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Had a laptop this week where the owner thought the battery was bad because it wouldn’t register or charge. Talked to support and they told me to turn on the laptop and make sure it’s plugged in, then take the battery out and put it back in. That fixed it. Worth a try!

I never buy OEM replacement AC chargers. Non OEMS are dirt cheap on eBay and work fine.

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