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my computer seems unable to take a charge (i.e. the current from the adaptor is not getting to my computer). what are my options in terms of fixing the problem?

Asked by evander (465points) July 6th, 2007

my battery seems fine. my charger still lights up. my computer just seems not to register that it is plugged in.

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I believe there is a problem with laptop's internal power input source. Changing the power unit is expensive. if you have a pc, geek squad has some good deals on computer repairs. However the best option would be too go directly to your computer manufacturer's repaor service

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Well I wouldn't assume its the internal unit. My adapter appeared like it was working, but it had a problem with the plug. A new adapter fixed that. Best bet is to contact the manufacturer, explain the problem fully and then let them figure it out.

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I have experienced the same problem with my laptop twice now, and in both cases it was the power cord that was the problem (not the laptop or the adapter).

You can try to isolate the problem by borrowing a working power cord from a friend who is using a similar model (luckily for me, a friend had bought the exact same laptop at the same time).

I think the way I fold the power cable damaged the internal wiring, which is why the problem recurred after a couple of years.

These days I make a point of not folding the cord anymore. I just let it coil around in my bag.

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Oh, by adapter I meant the cord that connects the wall to the computer lol.

Yeah laptop power cords seem to be delicate. I've gone through two myself.

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It could be the AC adapter for your laptop but, more often than not, it's a loose center pin on the jack that the cord plugs into on the computer. This is a pretty common problem-- I see it a couple of times a week at our shop. That center pin can take a beating from the cord getting pulled around and just general plugging/unplugging of the cord into the computer.

Get a volt meter and check the power output from your adapter and if it's outputting the right current, then chances are the problem's with the jack on the laptop.

Any competent computer repair shop should be able to fix it with relatively little expense. If that's all it is, it's one solder joint that needs repaired, or at most about a $15 part that needs replaced.

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A volt meter won't tell evander what's going on with the power cord, because a volt meter doesn't measure current, it measures voltage. The cord could be outputting the right voltage but not the right amount of current.

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i wanted to add some information about my question. now my computer is not registering when other things (besides the power cord) are plugged in. i tried to plug in my external hard drive to save what is on my computer before it won't turn on at all - and it didn't register that anything was plugged in. does this point to some other problem?

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if your computer is a laptop, then its battery might be out of power

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Is the place where the adapter plugs into the laptop loose? If so, there's two options: have a technician re-solder the connection or replace the motherboard. Honestly, there's not an economical long-term solution.

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"A volt meter won't tell evander what's going on with the power cord, because a volt meter doesn't measure current, it measures voltage."

No, you're right, it won't. Sorry about that. I used the term somewhat generically, but a good multi-meter will measure current, voltage, etc.

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