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Why is my bridge lifted?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1775points) July 3rd, 2009

okay so I just got new strings (woo hoo!) but the bridge is lifted like in figure II and it used to always be like it is in figure I but now it’s not can someone tell me what’s wrong?

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Hmmmm, did you tie it too much?

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@Tink1113 no, I tuned it to standard and that happened

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You need to reseat the bridge.

loosen the strings and research your brand and model to see if it is a repair you can do. If not take it to a reputable repair shop.

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@Dog it’s an electric with a whammy bar, not an acoustic

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Are they different strings?

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Your guitar is not set up for light gauge strings.

In order to tune light gauge strings they require more tension.

You will need to either adjust the bridge setup for light gauge ( best done at repair shop) or go back to the prior gauge strings.

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@chupacabra I don’t think that’s it because I’ve done this before with light gauge strings as well

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