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Does anybody else on earth think the name Wii, is a horrible name for a console? Why oh why did they name it that?

Asked by Elerie (135points) July 3rd, 2009

The WII WII, do you need to pee pee? oh god! I went there. Now i fell as if I’m ten again!

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Nintendo’s marketing strategy from the get-go (this generation, of course) was to get non-gamers to become gamers. From Wii Sports, to Wii Sports Resort, to Wii Music and the Wii Balance Board, they are catering to the untapped market.

“Wii”, as the call it, automatically draws the mind to “We”, as in “we play”. Together.

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I would guess it was named that in part because “Wii” sounds inclusive. And checking wikipedia, yes, the double “i” is meant to represent two people standing side by side. Since many of the games are played standing up next to each other, this makes sense to me. It’s friendly. It talks about community. These are things they want to push.

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Nintendo is a company from Japan. They have different slang.

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I think that they were “taking the piss…”

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Yeah, what does Wii have to do with Wii anyways?

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Wii is it’s own definition now. Awesome console!

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