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What are some clues that can show you that a guy likes you?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 3rd, 2009

I really have feelings for this guy and i think he likes me but i want to make sure and i’d like to know what you guys say.

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show up at his door naked with a six-pack.

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Darn it, now I’m really sure that that guy is not at all into me. :(

Dude asked for my number three weeks ago, twice! And did he call me? No, nothing. I wish he hadn’t asked me for it at all. Sorry, I’m just grousing now. I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Just ask the guy if he want’s to go grab a burger or see a movie, @irocktheworld. Whatever his response, you have your answer.

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On Yahoo answers some bloke is asking “How do I I know if she likes me?”

I’m assuming both of you are young. They probably feel the same way. Someone has to make a move.

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Well, speaking for the guys, be careful of clues…they can be confusing and misleading. Guys don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say, We’re often tongue-tied and sometimes just plain stupid. We often think we know what we want, but can’t express ourselves well. But of course, you girls are to blame for it all….do you know what you do to us boys? (Reminds me of that new Franz Ferdinand song). So, please be a little patient with your guy and it never hurts to take some initiative. If you think about it, it is amazing that we ever hook-up. But when we do….. amazing things happen!!! See ya…wtf

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A restraining order. . . and all of the chloroform scented bandannas he’s been sending you.

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She is young guys, try to be reasonable :)
Well does he :
Look at you alot?
Try doing stuff to make you look at him?
Include you in activities, conversation, etc.

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He can’t keep eye contact, he tries to be cool but fails miserably, gets nervous when u r around, he calls u or txts u 4 no reason, a lot of similar things…

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Do your own thing. Guys will come to you.
Once you stop trying to attract guys, you’ll be fending them off with a stick.

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Well does he look like this when you’re around?
That’s usually a dead give away.
pitching a pup tent :)

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@SeventhSense: where can I get one of those? not the beagle.

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you’ll know he likes you, if he goes out of his way, just to be with you.

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yeah he does and he flirts alot and whenever he looks at me he blushes for some reason

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@fish4answers ooh ok thanks now i know :)

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You can find them Here or here

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Usually when the tongue enters the mouth.

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@SeventhSense:you crack me up-my new home away from home!

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