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What makes the letter X cooler than other letters?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11295points) July 3rd, 2009

As seen in many radio stations and slogans across the globe.. the letter X is emphasized and marketed for its “coolness”. What led to X’s popularity? Is it because it is a rogue letter.. rarely used?

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An open affiliation with hardcore porn.

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Because it’s Xtreme!

That, and its shape is simple and somewhat…violent. Think two knifes scything at angles across a wall. There, you’ve got an X.

It is also supposedly the default signature of illiterate thugs, and illiterate thugs, at least in movies, are badass. So the letter X also is badass.

Finally, it connotes an unknown quantity, so it is associated with secrecy and mystery. Also cool.

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You said rogue. That’s one of my favorite words. Lurve. hehe! Rogue Letter!

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X marks the spot?
People who can’t write their names sign with an X, so it’s a readily recognizable letter?

“Popularity” is subjective…

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they also used to crucify christians upside down on an x

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I also found “X = private commercial station”

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Could mean :x kisses!

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We were brainwashed as children.

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I prefer Z but hey, that’s just me.

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I thought the letter “W” was awesome before Bush. Now it’s just another random letter to me.
These days I think the letter O is best because of sexual connotation.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic . . .a “B” has two holes.

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I’m about to sound like a total loser, but I’m in Graphic Design and I’ve taken typography classes.

In most typefaces the lower case letters are set at an X height. This means that the the line at where the lines in an upper case x cross is where the body height of the lower case letters will touch. This excludes ascenders and descenders, of course. Also with most typefaces the x will fit perfectly inside a square. People are also visually attracted to things that are somewhat symmetrical.

Fun fact: Upper case and lower case letters are named for actual cases. When typography was done by hand all the letters were in a shelving unit that was split into cases. The “upper case” letters were literally in the upper case. The “lower case” letters were placed lower to help with productivity and back problems.

It’s sad how much useless info I have in the old noodle.

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@Blondesjon Yes but it has 4 right angles. That could cause potential pinching.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic . . .maybe some of us roll that way…

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@Blondesjon That’s cool. Just arrange the safe word ahead of time

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It’s cool because X Men use it and they all have nice bodies and wear tight stuff. Except for the blue girl. She’s naked!

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it’s so blunt! there’s no curves and dainty dots and tails, it’s just, WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM. X doesn’t try to bullshit anybody, and X isn’t trying to impress the other letters. X isn’t first, and it’s not last; it’s got a pretty average position in the lineup, but X stands out because it just doesn’t try to stand out.

oh my god

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Also because X is mysterious!

X = ?

X is an unknown, undefined until you define it.

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@Deepness completely, and sometimes sadly, true.

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This is a great question.

I suspect that what makes X so kewl is that it’s sort of impossible to pronounce a word that starts with an X, at least, not without cheating. You either pronounce the X exactly as a Z (xylophone, Xavier), or you prepend an invisible vowel to the X, as when you say “ex-ray” for x-ray. We have to find some way around acknowledging the X because it’s just not a normal letter when it starts a word. It’s rebellious, like James Dean. OK, that’s the answer: X is like James Dean, and he was cooler than the other guys.

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@Joe_Freeman yeah, but X can drive a Spider without crashing it.

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