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What girl group am I thinking of? They released a cover of "California Dreamin" in the eighties?

Asked by syz (35695points) July 3rd, 2009

I think I’ve lost my mind – I can’t find this cover. It seems like it was a girl group that I normally wouldn’t like, but I loved their cover of this song. any help?

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The Mamas and the Papas released it in 1966, it has been covered by Nancy Sinatra, The 5th Dimension and one or two other “Beach Boys” style cover bands. I am not aware of a girl group from the Eighties releasing a cover.

Wiki claims it was released in 1965, but Rolling Stone claims 1966. I recall it from 1966, I had just started high school and remember it well.

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@DarkScribe Dude! You beat me to it
Yup it’s The Mamas and The Papas

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It’s been covered quite a number of times. Try looking here.

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I’m going to guess it was The Bangles.

Or Exposé.

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Wilson Phillips?

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I’m thinking it was Wilson Phillips as well.

More recently, Queen Latifah did a really nice version of it, too.

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Let me take a stab that it is The Bangles as @kevbo stated, but the song you are thinking of is Simon and Garfunkels A Hazy Shade of Winter and not The Mamas &The Papa’s California Dreaming. Try this.

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I think I found it!

Fast forward to about 2:40.

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Although I don’t know the years, the song California Dreaming has been covered by the following artists/groups:

Jose Feliciano
The Beach Boys (two versions)
The Carpenters
The Four Tops
Bobby Womack
Queen Latifah
Wes Montgomery
George Benson
Eddie Hazel
John Phillips (without The Mamas & the Papas)

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On their album “California”, Wilson Phillips covered the Mamas and the Papas tune “Monday, Monday”, but not “California Dreaming”.

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Kevbo and whathefluther nailed it – I was indeed thinking “Hazy shade of Winter”. Thanks, guys, that was driving me crazy.

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@syz….Your welcome. I remembered the successful girl groups of the 80’s, The Bangles, The Go-Go’s, Bananarama and The Pointer Sisters (The Runaways disbanded by 1980), and the only cover I could remember was Hazy Shade of Winter , which isn’t a surprise since it is one of my favorite songs. I prefer the original by Simon and Garfunkel, but The Bangles did a fine cover (the video was a big hit on MTV). See ya…

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River city people ;-)

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