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My weakest Apparatus in gymnastics is bars, any tips on how to improve ?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 4th, 2009

i do gymnastics 4 times a week and compared to the other apparatus i am weakest on the uneven bars, is there any tips people could give me ?

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Which skills are you having trouble with?

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well non inparticular it’s just that bars are my wekest apparatus howeveri do find a Double flyaway really hard to land, and an overshoot practically kills me lol x

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Bars take a lot of upper body strength so doing push-ups, chin-ups will give you the strentgh to execute moves better. skills wise i’m not sure, i’m male, did gymnastics for 12 years, but i recall the girls on bar continuously doing hip circles, and kips, i assume this helped gain a sense of balance and control.

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