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Are 4th of July fireworks made in China or U.S.?

Asked by seVen (3472points) July 4th, 2009 from iPhone

How about the New Year’s fireworks?
Is it a shame if we can’t make our own to be displayed on America’s birthday if they’re made in China and the U.S. Flags as well?!

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All the fireworks that I picked up at the TNT fireworks stand all say they are made in China. Usually when things are branded with “Made in China” it implies cheapness. In this case I would think it’s a good thing as China is the birthplace of fireworks and they have the reputation for having the best.

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I don’t care who makes anything. I do think that soon we will have to start making more somethings. Not likely though. With all of the rules and regulations here it makes little sense to create a new manufacturing job here. There are better places to do that kind of work.

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Well everything else is made in China.

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why does it matter?

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All of the professional firework companies that I’ve seen on television, i.e., the ones that do the Macy’s shows, etc., make them themselves, here in America.

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this reminds me of this

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@MrGeneVan It matters to the owner and employees of the factory and to nobody else. It does get rather messy when one of those factories goes ballistic as they tend to do.
The USA government gets all kinds of upset when North Korea sets off some of it’s own brand though.

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It also matters a great deal to the consumer. Less regulation on quality means less quality and in case of fireworks, less safety for the user.

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I live in Ohio, and I know for FACT there are tons of fireworks factories here. All of ours are made locally, and I know lots of people come over the state border to buy them here.

As for other regions of the country, no clue.

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Don’t worry, the USA has lots of other bombs, fireworks and such, most made by the Department of Defence. Let’s hope they start reducing their use of them..

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@ragingloli That must be the only regulation that works. It is certain that most of the rest of regulation only works to protect the cronies of the regulators.

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So what you are saying is that safety regulations don’t work to protect workers from unsafe working environments?
Or that environmental regulations don’t work to lower environmentally damaging emissions?
Or that customer protection regulations don’t work to protect customers from exploitation by companies?

If that is the case, then I have to tell you, you are wrong.
I wonder why you have such an irrational hatred for everything that isn’t pure capitalism.

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The big displays in this area are packed and assembled locally. However, many of the components are made in China. Young’s Fireworks is one of the best in the area. – It is also offers some of the most popular seasonal jobs around. Unfortunately you have to work on July 4th.

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