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What do you think is worse for you: Drinking alcohol heavily only on certain occasions i.e. birthday parties, weddings, etc. or drinking more than one cola a day?

Asked by mass_pike4 (2096points) July 4th, 2009

I thought of this question because my boss hassles me for drinking too much. When I drink (and it’s not often) I tend to binge drink. She drinks a lot of soda, probably 4+ pepsis a day.

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I think that in terms of nutritional value, drinking a lot of soda each day would take much more of a toll on the body than occasional blackouts/binge drinking…

But as for which is “worse for you”, it depends. If you drove your car home after drinking 5 cans of pepsi, you’d be in much better condition than if you had drunk a handle of rum.

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Those who do not drink often do tend to get drunk faster. They also often are not good at determining their tolerance and limits.

Barring actions brought on by drinking and looking at just the health issues I think occasional binge drinking would not be as physically harmful as drinking sugary soda.

However- if one factors into the equation the risk-taking behavior of binge drinking which include accidents, injury and exposure to STDs and people who take advantage of those who are obviously incapacitated then drinking is a much higher health risk.

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One binge drink can leave you in acute liver failure and in ITU (if you’re lucky).

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all good responses…i’m more focused on just your nutritional health. Obviously neither are good for you, but what would be worse overtime?

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@Lightlyseared is correct. Also alcohol poisoning can kill you – so I stand corrected.

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One night of binge drinking can kill you. Alcohol poisoning is real, and can be fatal even if you disregard the risk taking.

Edit: Sorry dog, I didn’t see you there!

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@augustlan Great minds…. :)

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Lets assume that each time you binge drink, you do not come close to blacking out, so no real chance of alcohol poisoning…

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Assumptions are just that. Let us assume that you are wrong and that your binge drinking will cause black-outs. Neither assumption is defensible.

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Long term, drinking cola to excess can be a cause of diabetes, obesity or liver failure. My Aunt died of that. However, alcohol can kill much faster, and always kills a few thousand braincells every time you do it.

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neither is good for you obviously…but I’d say the excessive pop drinking over time is worse for you.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with some heavy drinking here and there. Yeah, it kills some braincells but you’re only alive for a short time, make use of it. You’re not going to live forever. Get shmammered.

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@TabernakAttack Try tell that to Scott’s Family or any of the other dozens who died because of alcohol related incidents this week.

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I’d rather die in my sleep than over the span of a year from a disease like cancer.. Still, that sucks for the kid.

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Well, all I can say about binge drinking, or drinking in general, if it kills brain cells, there are some people that need every brain cell they’ve got. Stick to fruit juice, and quite being a drunken burden on society.

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Isn’t there a substantial sugar content in alcohol as well? Add that to all the other damning effects of drinking and I’d say you’re better off with the soda.

Plus I would much rather hang out with a soda drinker than a drunk.

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I think soda is horrible for you, and I never consume it or buy it for my family. 4+ pepsi’s a day is excessive. I think that if you drink you should know your limits. Binge drinking is dangerous. I believe that enjoying adult beverages in moderation is way better than drinking any type of soda. Just be careful, binge drinking has killed many people in the past. If you get to the point where you black out or vomit, then that is a problem.

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Drinking alcohol in moderation, especially on a daily basis, is associated with better health and longer life than is abstaining from alcohol or abusing it.

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I think you both should go on a retreat, get with nature, and have some meaningful reality.

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