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Why do baby clothes have pockets?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 4th, 2009
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…because a lot of our culture around parenting is about making little adult “mini me“s out of our children…

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Is it just me or does the ” Description ” seem to be missing ?
If it is missing its supposed to say ” What purpose do they serve ?”

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I’ve never thought about this before, but it does seem pretty silly.

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~A place for tiny fists to get stuck and frustrate the infant.

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@tyrantxseries That’s so cute! (And I thought it was to keep their wallets and keys in!)

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It’s also a plce to clip the little binkie holders

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I have no clue. And my kids little hands were always too chubby to fit into those tiny pockets, so they were even more pointless. He has pockets now, and sometimes sticks his hands…or dirt or rocks in them. It’s a lovely treat when it comes to laundry time.

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Because kids need somewhere to stash their weed.

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@tyrantxseries – That baby was a cutie! Needs help, yes, but a cutie!

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most things about baby clothes are necessary.
i.e. why do babies who cant walk yet need shoes (booties for warmth…but those mini nikes, wtf)

why do baby’s clothes have writing on them… babies cant fucking read!
(but i did see a baby shirt the other day that said “i can’t read” hahaha)

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my daughter always puts her dummies in them

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Where else they gonna put the car keys?

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So he’ll have a place to keep his pack of cigarettes.

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Marketing. The point of the design is to make the shopper choose this one rather than that one. A pocket is an opportunity for cuteness (repetition of motif, little ruffle, little bow, little big-boy-just-like-Daddy detail) and thus another way to attract the shopper and motivate the purchase.

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…and they need somewhere to put the wet wipes for after they go get Daddy a beer.

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@sandystrachan i see somebody has been using their uk tv license…..

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It’s gives them something to do with their hands when they have to speak in front of an audience.

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Where else are they gonna put their condoms, mobile phone, and cash for hookers? Unless they’re a girl, in which case they should have a stylish bag for those kind of things.

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I just bought a whole load of baby clothes .
When my other two were babies , i never noticed the clothes had pockets .

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My Daughter in law thinks baby clothes are too much trouble. She just keeps her new baby in diapers and nothing else. I think you would be more likely to find pockets on girl’s clothes.

By the way, what about dogs clothes with pockets, and neckties?

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@sandystrachan hmmm so you weren’t watching live at the apollo with Michael MacIntyre on BBC1 this evening, when one of his turns asked the same thing… i believe you?......that’s spooky…..

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Edit: It gives

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What is really crazy is most of my clothes don’t have pockets and I need them! Well, at least now I know where the hell those pockets are going! Those spoiled brats…

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To hold baby stuff.

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When I used to sew, I put pockets in everything, even nightgowns. Clothing without pockets is like a desk without a drawer.

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cuteness factor.

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@sandystrachan Are you stealing from micheal mcintrye? really!? oh dear

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@NathanESP it mighta been a coincidence….sandystrachan has yet to put her case…

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@NathanESP and @tadpole Who is this Michael person , and where can i watch it ?
Really don’t know what this show is , i don’t really watch television that much and the only things i watch on the beeb is Dr Who, Torchwood and Formula 1 . Maybe this Michael character has the same mind set as me as to the afore mentioned subject .

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this Michael person…..!

it’s a stand up show on bbc1 on saturdays…he hosts and has 3 or 4 other standups on with him..actually its a bit of a con because he’s hardly on it himself…

you want the edition that went out this Saturday gone July 4th….and the female comic is the one who mentioned the baby clothes…

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@tadpole So its a bit of a rip off of the Jack Dee live at the Apollo!?
I shall have a little look at it , just to see her say what i asked .

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@sandystrachan yes you could least jack dee did a turn…the bbc seem to have realized this guy is up and coming and tried to cash in on it…he really is hardly there…actually the female standup wasn’t great either…actually come to think of it, just don’t bother….

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@tadpole That bad is it ?
Tv especially bbc are getting pretty lax on what they class as entertainment .

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yeah, the disappointment is that michael macintyre is quite funny by himself, yet the show is all about these others, some well known, some completely new…at least that graham norton show also on saturday is now cancelled..on the other hand why have they canned robin hood….

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. It is done for the benefit of adults who would think it too weird NOT to have pockets. Like having button or zippers that do nothing but look fashionable.

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