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How do you get your high school transcript after you graduate?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) July 5th, 2009

I’ve been out of high school for a year and now I want to go to college and need a high school transcript to really apply. Has anyone gone through this? Where do you go / how did you go about obtaining those records

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I think you go to the school district and ask for it. Or ask the school you went to

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Go to your high school and ask. They will give you a copy. But your college might require a copy to be mailed to them. It is pretty easy to manipulate them so some schools will require that they are mailed in from your high school.

A few phone calls in the morning is your best bet to get a accurate answer. But it isn’t hard to do. I have done it a few times.

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Ask the high school you attended.

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Call your high school and ask what the procedure is to get your transcript sent to various colleges. Often it is simply a case of filling out a form and listing the colleges and addresses to which the transcript should be sent. This can be done in person or often by mail.

And it is true that most colleges will want it sent directly by the school, to ensure that it is less likely to have been tampered with.

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Your school board should have a records department that sends out transcripts. There may be a fee.

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When I was going, the school I was attending always took care of it, I only had to tell them where I attended.

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Why would you need it?!

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hopefully for college purposes?

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yup, just call

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