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Any thoughts on the internet movies 'Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum'?

Asked by lloydbird (8735points) July 5th, 2009

Seemingly very well made,if controversial,films.Allegedly seen by over 50million people. Is this old news on Fluther?

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I watched most of the first and all of the 2nd. I haven’t seen the third.
These are films that try to say 9–11 was part of a large conspiracy by the oil companys, the Bush family, the senate, the American Military Industrial Complex, and, well, everyone but bin laden.
These movies completely misrepresent everything. They get most of their religious information, egyptian mythology, and 9–11 structural engineering bass-ackwards.
They are the worst kind of junk propaganda.

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Like filmfann says, they are crap. These are from the same people that say the moon landing was faked. I want the time back that I wasted watching this false propaganda.

If you think those movies are true, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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haven’t seen all of it yet, was too sleepy at the time and been meaning to sit down and watch it all one day

most of the info I knew already, but it seems to be well-presented

some is far-fetched (I once saw a movie “proving” Bush Sr killed JFKennedy, all of the evidence was there, but it was circumstantial).

overall, worth watching

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They’ve been discussed before, yes. I don’t think the content is crap, but I’m doubtful about the “sincerity” of the film’s agenda. I’m more likely to believe that it’s conspiracy theory that has been co-opted by the conspirators (much like the Republican Party co-opted the Libertarian tea parties) to control the conspiracy message and suck out its potency. Truth mixed with lies doesn’t negate the truth, but it does encourage people to throw the baby out with the bathwater, which still equals problem solved for the conspirators.

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The second one was a little more professional than the first, but you continually get the sense that they’re just not telling you everything.

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Pretty much unadulterated rubbish, unless you are looking for a case study of confirmation bias, willful misinformation and outright fabrication.

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What is it about?

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@sap82 9–11 conspiracy theory.

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I only watched the first half of Zeitgeist Addendum, but they didn’t say word one about 9/11, just talked about how money works. I found it absolutely fascinating, and got much less a sense of bias than, say, the average Michael Moore movie or Religilous. I think their bit on how money is created ought to be shown in schools – it reminded me of the clear financial prose of James Surowiecki. I will watch the second half more warily than the first after reading these posts, but I would hardly throw it all away as useless conspiracy theory.

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The first one is about 911, among other things.

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