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Will Google Wave replace Gmail?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) July 5th, 2009

Is Google Wave going to replace GMail or will it be an optional thing? Will my be automatically changed to something like Thanks.

(Google Wave is a revolutionary new way to communicate online combining E-Mail, Instant Messaging, and WiKi.)

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It will for me!

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I can’t keep up with it all anymore. I actually kind of like pulling the pen and paper out and crafting a real and tangible thing. All the changing digital protocols taste worse than stamps to me.

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Google won’t impose that on you. Heck, Wave can’t even do email, they’d first need to write a gateway. I can very well see it happening that everybody keeps using email and that Wave will be the Betamax of today.

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I think watching the Wave presentations, and seeing the shift towards services like Twitter and IM over and above e-mail for near real-time communication, something that fuses this with e-mail and the ‘activity feed’ style reminiscent of Facebook is bound to catch on. Especially because they’re making it an open protocol, meaning it can be developed on and not limited to Google.

With regards to it ‘replacing’ gmail, I would think they will keep a vanilla e-mail service for some time to come, and you’ll probably be able to use your gmail account as your wave ID as well, at least initially.

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No it won’t.

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any of you guys get into wave yet?

got any extra invites. if so, shoot me an email at

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Yes me too, If anyone has a Google Wave invite I would be very grateful. I also share too. Namaste.

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@ctferrarajr @rawrgrr
Unfortunately, wave accounts do not come with invites. There are requests to add at least a few to each account, but it’s currently in “internal-approval only, preview mode.”

Wave will not replace gmail without some hefty feature additions. Both will be good for different reasons.

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@Beta_Orionis I have just received a Google Wave invite.. with 8 invites to send to friends. I believe people invited by others can’t invite but people invited by Google can.

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@rawrgrr Yeah. Seems that way. Which makes no sense!! :(

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@rawrgrr Sorry. I misread that. I received my invite with the help of an employee, but not through his account, so there must be something else that differentiates our accounts.

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