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Why do we like cheese so much?

Asked by CMaz (26278points) July 6th, 2009

On a hamburger, in our tacos, or popping a chunk in our mouths. Even the dog wants some. So what is the big deal?

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I love string cheese cause it’s…idk I just love it

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I don’t know.. I don’t question it, just enjoy it

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The smell reminds us of our feet?

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It is a cultural thing and acquired taste.
People in asian countries hate cheese.

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I hate cheese!!!

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Because it’s fattening and bad for us.

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1. Fat tastes good.
2. Salt tastes good.
3. We are programmed to love dairy products in some form.
4. It’s part of our culture.

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Why do we like ______ so much?

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Because it’s fantastic :)

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Cheese might be the most impossible food for me to give up. I am in heaven after having found a cheese store Cheestique, which is wonderful.

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Because it rhymes with pleez!

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Because we are the most intelligent species on the planet!

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Mothers milk contains casomorphins so that young would return to the breast for a feed….the very thing you crave in all dairy I’d say…:)

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Because we are!

And Cheese is!

and as such it is only right to!

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I never thought such emotion would come from this question.
I have a vision of all of you dancing to the sound of music. With a wedge of cheeses in your hands.

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salt of the earth. well, actually the salty taste.
you could probably have a change of mind about cheese if you just realize it’s actually mold or old milk. with salt of course.

i stopped eating cheese a year ago. wherever i order food, they always wanna put cheese on my sandwich. when i say “no cheese,” they look at me like i am from outer space.

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We love moldy foods best. Wine: moldy. Cheese: moldy. Kimchi: moldy. Hmm. .... Well-hug beef: moldy, and not only that, but… well hung. Mmmm.

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don’t forget fermented eggs

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@charliecompany34 What, no cheese? It’s over, dude. I even put cilantro in my bean salad for you. (It was good, I confess. I may have to get over my cilantro tantrums.)

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cheese , yuuuuummmm

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I will sit and eat 24 individual wrapped slices in one sitting.

I will eat a block of cheddar like an apple.

I will eat spray cheese in a can straight up.

I have kept a 6lb can of nacho cheese in my fridge with a spoon, taken it out and eaten like soup for dinner straight on into snack time.

I have tasted the fine aged cheeses.

I have enjoyed the kind you have to hold your breath to get into your mouth.

Real, fake, processed, curds, string, stinky, aged, dry, crumbly you name it I love it.

My god I LOVE cheese.

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yes, you indeed do.

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