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Do you think the world will ever unite?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) July 6th, 2009 from iPhone

I was just thinking do you ever think countries will merge and create greater countries?

Example. What if Mexico and Canada became part of the USA? Would this cause more problems? Less?

In history borders are always changing. I guess I am just planning and thinking to the future.

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i can see the opposite happening….the uk is sort of breaking up because the scots and the welsh are after more devolution…..the balklands war was because the competing sides wanted recognition and independence… that Saddam Hussein has gone the different peoples in Iraq will need to be recognized…think how the USSR has broken up too…...

seems more and more people want to have their diversity recognized….as long as it doesn’t create war maybe this is ok….

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I think the whole world will unite only if we are invaded by alien beings from another world, and we are—all of us—threatened. Then, we will be friends and allies.

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yes external threats will always unite us…it’s not strictly the same but the world wars provided a means of uniting, people pulled together…yes i know it was man v man…

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Sure the world will come together and unite as one…..

Just as soon as we find aliens on other planets to hate….......

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I was in a discussion the other day with a friend of mine on this topic. We debated that perhaps world peace could be achieved if ruled under one power/government. Doesn’t even have to be the home country that dominates, sure i’ll live under a foreign power if world peace is the end result. However, if this were to happen war would be inevitable. So, the big question we arrived at was: would 100(?) years of war be worth everlasting peace?

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@Ansible1 no absolutely not…....was Hitler not thinking along these lines, along with every other dictator…i can’t really think you mean this seriously…..fight until we’re all fought out….what sort of world would this create…...

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United we stand, divided we fall.
I can’t help but suspect that scare stories about the supposed desire of secret groups to bring about a ‘One World Government’ are no more than just a bit of reverse psychology. Controlling elites want division. Though they may subtly pretend otherwise.

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as long as there are people, there will always be war

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Yes hitler came up a lot in our debate. My friends main argument was that one massive war would far outway having repetitive on and off war for the rest of our existence. I’m not saying the theory is perfect or should be implemented in any way, just entertaining the idea.

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I think in today’s day and age, each country would like to maintain their own individuality, customs, and way of life. If several different countries were to merge and each of them had highly distinctive differences whether it be religions, politics, type of government, or whatever else, it might have a negative impact on the populace when all these factors suddenly blended together.

I’m sure that you could probably pinpoint some advantages of countries merging but to me, it seems like this scenario could ultimately end up being more problematic than productive.

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@Ansible1 hmmm i don’t think i took your idea in the spirit it was meant…ie just an idea…i apologize…i don’t however in that case have an answer!!

but i can definitely see the world becoming more and more fragmented, as more people become used to independence and the idea of having their distinct identities recognized…i don’t think it’s such a bad idea….are huge great nations really such a great idea….instead loads and loads of tribes/ areas/ regions/ peoples….plays havoc with sporting events like the soccer world cup and athletics though… :)

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I doubt that will ever happen, although it will be for the good of every one. Though rich countries are worried about their wealth & poorer countries will be worried to lose control.

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The world will unite when everyone speaks Esperanto. in other words, don’t hold your breath.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra - ne estas jam defaŭlta internacia lingvo? La angla aŭ la ĉina lingvo estas kaj vivipovaj elektoj por unuecig lingvon.

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lol, I can help you achieve this too fast. Just sleep and have a deep dream of it uniting.

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Do you think you and your neighbors will ever find a way to share the same house?

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Not around the Euro.

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