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Does a 10k ohm resistor resist more than a 10 ohm resistor?

Asked by warpling (846points) July 6th, 2009

Sorry this question has always confused me and I need to once and for all hear the right answer. Does a bigger resistor value mean the resistor resists more, or that it resists less so that the current can remain as high as it says. In other words is the electricity –in simple terms– weaker coming out of a resistor with a large number or a small number. Thanks…

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Higher values mean more resistance.

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Air has huge resistance and is an insulator with lots of ohms so you hardly ever see electricity flowing through it. (Except for lightning)

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Think of an electric circuit that consists of a battery and a resistor. One end of the resistor is connected to the + terminal of the battery. The other end is connected to the – terminal of the battery.

I = electric current
E = voltage
R = resistance

I=E/R. The bigger the R, the less the I. So if you used a 6 volt battery, and you had a 10 Ohm resistor, you would have 6/10 amperes of current flowing in the circuit. If you had a 10K Ohm resistor, you would have 6/10,000 amperes of current flowing in the circuit.

This is Ohm’s Law. It’s the first thing they teach you in electronics.

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Yeah, the bigger value means that it resists more, so the electricity is weaker.

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The current is lower. “Electricity is weaker” doesn’t really mean much.

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Late response here, but Mariah’s answer is what I was looking for even if it’s not electronically correct, thank you though.

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one is ten ohms & the other is ten thousand ohms, it will resist more current

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