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Who can share some hosting tips here?

Asked by yziabites (104points) July 9th, 2009

i’ll be hosting my cousin’s 18th birthday party. it’ll be really big and i’m really nervous that i won’t be able to do it well. has anybody here have some experience with hosting jobs? will you share some tips on how i can make it lively and not boring? thanks!

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I saw the title and assumed web hosting. I am so unimaginably cool.

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You’ll probably wanna ask YARNLADY for tips. From what I’ve seen of her answers she’s had quite a bit of experience in this sort of thing.

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@richardhenry I read the title and assumed web hosting. Feeling unimaginably cool, I checked to see if anyone made the same mistake and peg them for being cool, too.

You’re ice cold, dawg.

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Me too! I thought I will pick up a tip or two on web hosting. The company I use has problems with Apple Mail…

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@ckinyc, @Grisaille, @richardhenry oh, sorry for the confusion guys. i’ll go edit my question. :)

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Make sure there’s lots of food and that you are always refilling food and drinks throughout the party. Be sure all guests are comfortable at all times – be able to talk to the guests about your cousin, current topics, etc.

What kind of party is this? A BBQ, catered or a house party? A lot of your job as a host depends on the kind of party you’re throwing.

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Greet people as they come in.

If you are mixing different groups of your cousin’s friends (say school and work), make an effort to cross-introduce people.

Plan your menu so that there is an even flow of food. (New hors d’oevres coming out every 30 min. or so.)

Make certain no one overdoes it on alcohol. If they do, have designated drivers prepared in advance to take them home.

If you have a wallflower, give them a job (change the music, pass some hors d’oeuvres).

Circulate among the guests. See that the guest of honor circulates.

Don’t let anyone be totally monopolized by a boor. Rescue them: “Oh, there you are Judy. Don, I hope you won’t mind if I steal Judy. Sherry was dying to meet her.”

Relax and have fun. A cue to your guests to do the same.

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I am so uncool. I knew the poster meant a real party.

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I love throwing parties, so exciting!

Remember, stay calm and cheerful in front of guests.
Make sure you have enough food and alcohol.
Get a good playlist of music.
You need people to keep it lively, they can take care of the rest.

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Don’t run around like a blue arsed fly…enjoy it and try to stay calm
I wouldn’t fret too much about making sure everyone is ok…
Get them the first drink and then tell them they are welcome to help themselves to more
But that’s not to say you can’t get them more if you have time
People want to see you too and talk to you remember

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@chyna They can look at it as cool if they want to, but it is more like get a life. there is more out there than computers. ; )

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@Marina Exactly! Um, just why have I spent my morning on my day off on here?

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You have received some really great ideas from @Marina. I would like to add, do not serve any alcoholic drinks if the party is for an 18 year old. The drinking age in all 50 states of the US is 21, and you will not be able to supervise the underage people. If anyone brings their own alcohol, you could be held responsible for any illegal, underage drinking, and for any consequences after the party.

My experience falls more in public events, finding the proper locations and arranging for catering and such.

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@YARNLADY Thank goodness you added that.

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thanks for all the great ideas, everyone. :)

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