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Affordable Debian GNU/Linux VPS hosting solutions?

Asked by fedesilva (16points) June 14th, 2008

Do you know some?
Details like disk space, bandwidth, ram and cpu time for extra points.
Personal experience and links to hosted sites gets Great Answer!

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These guys have a good reputation locally. Haven’t actually hosted with them, but they were the first to come to mind when I read your question, for what it’s worth.

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@phoenyx thanks! will check.

Skyrail's avatar looks good and come to mind whenever someone says VPS, but as like phoenyx I’ve never hosted with them and erm, there’s possibly a few others that I can’t remember, I’ll ask around for you if possible, might not be able to at this time of day as the internet calms down now but, eh, I’ll see what I can do :)

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@skyrail thank you!
just checked. looks good. a tad more expensive than other’s I’ve seed but their are the more explicit offering. The OS is important for me and they offer a wide variety of distros.

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