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Thinking of switching to synthetic motor oil. Opinions? Resources?

Asked by archer (761points) July 9th, 2009
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I was told that synthetic is better than regular for older vehicles.
don’t know how much that helps, but there ya go.

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yeah i’ve heard that too, but not consistently. i just got a 90 infiniti q45 that has been garaged and has very low mileage. thanks for the response

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i have a 1996 infiniti i30 :)

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Thats using your dip stick, JIMMY!

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Synthetic is the way to go. I only trust and use Mobil 1

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Where do you live, and how do you drive?

Synthetic oil works best for people who live in climates with very cold winters, or for people who like to push their high-performance engines to the limit. It maintains its viscosity over a wider range of temperatures than conventional multigrade oil, and it breaks down more slowly. It’s great to use in any vehicle, but the downside is that it’s expensive, and once you start using it, you should not go back to conventional oil. The seals get used to it and will leak if you go back.

If you’re just trying to do right by your engine, regular oil changes with the grade of oil recommended by your manufacturer is perfectly adequate.

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My husband is a mechanic, he only uses synthetic in our cars. I drive a Lexus and he drives a Tundra. I know he’s switched my mom’s cars over to synthetic, as well. And yes, he loves his mother-in-law, so he wouldn’t do wrong by her!

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thanks for the responses. the most compelling may be re the mechanic putting it in his mother-in-law’s car. i was really leaning strongly in favor of synthetic until i read that.

(((rimshot))) ... but seriously folks…

i have found a mechanic of nearly saintly rep who recommends it, especially as i told him i’m going to be traveling through mountain and desert at breakneck speed.

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@archer – ha! Believe me, my husband wouldn’t do wrong by his MIL, he’d hear about it too much…she’d nag him too much. they are really close, very good friends. My car has synthetic (the car that his children are in, daily) and his car, too.

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yeah i got that, just couldn’t resist the bad joke.

my new mechanic also said all his, and family’s, cars use it.
one of those questions you have no reason to doubt mechanic’s answer as they don’t benefit one way or the other financially

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@archer – no harm, no foul! I thought the joke was funny. So did hubby.

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