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Why do guys lie and cheat?

Asked by yziabites (104points) July 9th, 2009

you’re having a great relationship and then suddenly you realize that the guy’s fooling around with somebody else. why do they have to do that? is it programmed in the male population to lie and cheat?

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Girls lie and cheat too.

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Way to generalize!

Sorry for your troubles, though. Dump the bum and try to choose better next time.

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I’d tell you, but it would be a lie.

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Because it is their nature. It’s that chromosome thing.

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You thought the relationship was great but it wasn’t if he was cheating. This means that he doesn’t respect you or your health.

I know you’re mad now but you can’t say all guys do this because one did.
Plenty of women lie and cheat.

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Because guys are arseholes!

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No not really just their nature I guess….

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I wonder why women lie and cheat? Probably for the same reasons I suppose.

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Wow flamebait alert!!!

Might be because… Idk

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I’m sorry you ended up with a dick, but don’t generalize and insult me and a lot of the other people here. If this is something that’s happening to you regularly, it’s because you’re picking the wrong type of guys.

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RandomMrdan I agree, I think that in truth women forget that they are equally as bad….

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And I am not trying to insult people…sorry that was a stupid joke. Really sorry if it offended people…

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When girls do it, they laugh and say “that doesn’t count!”

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@FujiokaHaruhi192 welcome to fluther! Lurve!

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i always wonder that :P

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Thankyou filmfann XD

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unscrupulous people lie and cheat….I like to think most people are not unscrupulous.

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Why do woman manipulate and lie?
Sexist question if ever I saw one!
Why can’t White men dance?
Why can’t black men swim?

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Add the word some..then the answer would be that some guys are liars and cheaters because they feel incapable of truthfully stating their true intentions due to character flaws. Some might have inherited and learned from poor role models, or poor parents who give no consequences to shoddy behavior, and a society that strives for the easy road. There may be a shortcutting to the work and courage it takes to be upstanding in an increasing laissez-faire world. If they are liars and cheaters then you are better off without them,

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@yziabites welcome to fluther! Lurve!

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Everyone knows men only think with their schlong.

And women do not cheat. They’re simply following their heart. Can’t blame a gal for that, can ya?

~ oh look, a tilde

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@whatthefluther Lurve for the use of the word unscrupulous!

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Not everyone is programmed to be monogamous. Lots of men fool around and would not leave their wives. For lots of guys, sex and commitment are not the same thing.

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Practice – in case they ever decide to change sex to female.

That is a broad and inexact implication – that only guys cheat. I have found that guys tend to cheat more when younger, women more when older. But, they all are as likely to cheat – it is to do with character not gender.

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@filmfann thanks for welcoming me! :)

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people, im not mad. i was just wondering why guys have to fool around. sorry if i offended anyone. :)

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I never lie, ok that answer is a cheat.

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@yziabites: I’m sure you didn’t mean to offend, but you should understand that broad generalizations about any demographic (particularly when negative) tend to be viewed harshly. While all stereotypes may contain a nugget of truth, we are all free-thinking individuals and act accordingly.

Your question is no different than:
• Why are women so emotional?
• Why are blacks criminals?
• Why do asians own laundromats?
• Why are chocolate chip cookies so tasty?

OK, well the last one is true – but you see my point.

But hey, no harm, no foul. Welcome to Fluther!

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Sorry, if you do not think choclate chip cookies are so tasty. You are a crazy person.

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Yup!!! So true!!

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@irocktheworld and @ChazMaz: I know the pancake is the orgasmic snack of choice here in Fluther-ville. But I gotta figure Chocolate Chip Cookies are a close second.

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Orgasmic? I have to move to your town!

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@ChazMaz A Fluther dinner party would be a real pain to clean up after.

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lol. i didn’t know this question will be viewed negatively. so stupid of me. :) sorry you guys

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@cprevite what’s wrong with asians having laundromats?

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I’m a female and like to lie and cheat!

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: so true! If someone cheats then there is something not right in their present relationship and sometimes it’s no real fault of either person but that one has come to realize there are things they may have glossed over initially that are actually important or damage has occurred one thinks is forgivable and the other has just been giving lip service to.

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Guys lie because it gets them what they want and they don’t think they’ll get caught. Hmm. Not so different from why chicks lie.

Of course, they cheat because it’s in the guy handbook. Chapter 5, sections 3–22. I believe the relevant sextion in the chick handbook is further towards the front. Much more important for chicks. Of course, everyone tries to follow the manual to the letter.

Both cheat because it gives them an advantage.

I’ve heard that the new versions of the manual leave out some important sections. Maybe you got the wrong version?

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