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Are you bringing on an iceage?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 10th, 2009

Someone told me .
” America are firing beams into the ionosphere , to change the weather patterns and bring on the next iceage . Not only is it going to bring on an iceage , it is going to kill off lesser beings while important people and parliamentary figures are in bunkers . These bunkers where made years ago for this reason , you have been doing this for so long thats why we get freak weather and extreme weather changes . ”

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Have we discussed this already? ;-)

Also, see here.

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Uhh… yeah. I don’t even understand what “we” are supposedly doing. Lol. What kind of “beams”? Balance beams? Laser beams?

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Beams? What beams? Is this supposed to be a metaphor for something? I’m really stupid and don’t get stuff like that. And if you copied and pasted from someone, they spelled ‘were’ wrong, so if it’s supposed to be an important text, I don’t know how seriously I’d take him/her. The writing in general is not that good.

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P.S. It’s on the congressional record. Skip down to “definitions.”

Also, google HAARP.
This is partly why I think the conventional human-caused global warming story is bullshit.

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@ubersiren So you’re implying a person’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation determines whether or not the person is speaking truth?

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@Deepness; I personally rely on the ridiculousness of the statement to determine veracity, and I’m coming up with the same bullshit reading as ubersiren. For a start, I somehow doubt that it is the cherished dream of the bespoke power-hungry puppet-masters to huddle in a bunker in the middle of a depopulated wasteland with no one but each other to rule.

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Yeah, those aspirations are only shared by Dick Cheney and Hitler.

In all seriousness, I think your friend’s claim mixes truth with distortion (the ice age idea is something I’ve never seen associated with HAARP), but that’s what gets people to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I’ve read about it being associated with the tsunami in Indonesia and one of the Chinese earthquakes, as well as drought being used in Colorado to force ranchers to sell property that the military (or whomever) wanted to acquire, but nothing as grand as an ice age.

Re: bunkers.

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@kevbo He said it was that HAARP project but i couldn’t find anything about an ice age . I did find HAARP was/is designed to understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems .
How can he think it is going to bring an ice age from that?
He won’t even share with me the readings, websites that mention said ice age .

As for my miss-spellings i am after all only human , and pressed extra keys maybe it was HAARP interfering with my brain

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Your honor, the witness can’t speculate on the defendent’s state of mind on the night the crime was committed.

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You poor, sad creature. I suggest you put this on while you are waiting.

Perhaps you should also buy a better parka.

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Paranoid, plain and simple. Your friend needs to get a life…

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Wow. Unprovoked condescension. That’s new.

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@kevbo C’mon! “lesser beings,” parliamentary figures in bunkers?” Unprovoked? Hardly, it was a clear accusation that “we” Americans are causing the weather and the world to end.

Also, in my case, it was not condescension, it was pity.

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Since when is a question an accusation? And I know we’ve had this discussion before. :-)

Pity? Uh, yeah whatev.

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I understand the hat shown here, will deflect those nasty beams.

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Oh, so this is similar to the “debate” on chemtrails. I see. Bye bye thread.

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@sandystrachan, if you want to bring it full circle, then USA, Inc. is also believed to be a subsidiary of the Crown/City (I’m not as well versed on that one), so…

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@whatthefluther Important not to forget the pets.

@kevbo OK, OK!


1. America is not attempting to cause an ice age.

2. America is not working on a secret plan to have important people ride it out in bunkers while everyone else perishes.

3. The world is not ending in 2012.

4. The U.S. government did not fake the moon landing.

5. The Holocaust is a historic fact.

6. Chemtrails cannot harm you.

7. The U.S. government did not attack the World Trade Center on 9/11.

8. Life is complex. Much of it is out of our control.

9. There are many things we can and should worry about.

10. Bureaucracies are not capable of the flawless planning and execution required to get through a secret plan without the beans getting spilled.

11. Remember, our leaders are the ones going off to “hike the Appalachian Trail”—in Argentinian bedrooms.

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@Marina Are you working for THEM ?

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For the effects of HAARP, Google “Fart in a windstorm.”

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… or just read about it on Wikipedia.

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First off, I can’t imagine a more appropriate doom for man kind if such information is true. Chances are pretty good its not true and this question was brought out by watching the film ” The Day After Tomorrow” or something of the like.

Second, I am offend by the prospect that some crusty kiss ass politician is superior to me in any standing. If he wants to climb in some dark bunker to keep himself alive long enought to realize is mere existence was nothing, but lies thats his business.

Third, who would do the deciding on who is stronger? I personally would not be a benevilant dictator and would most certainly see that the majority of what a lot of pusses we hear about on the news (go to for further details) would be left out to drowned when that massive tidal wave that will usher in a new age of doom and death hits shore. I suppose the flutherites with a score over 10,000 would probably be welcome next to Barrach Obama and Richard Dawkins inside their pissy little fall out shelters where they will live out the rest of there days knowing they contributed nothing to there world except crushing the human spirit.

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@Deepness : No. What I said was that if sandy copied this from somewhere that printed the text with a misspelling AND bad writing in general, then the source may not be reliable.
The intention may be pure, but it’s difficult to tell whether this person has all his/her information. It reads like Sarah Palin wrote it.

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@ubersiren I say it the way i was told it , if my way of writing it is wrong then i will leave…......

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@kevbo I second that. A whole lot o marble pickin’ up going’ on around here for what seem to be minor issues.

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My two year anniversary is Aug 4. Just sayin’. :-)

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According to my inside source in the Pentagon, no beams are being fired into the atmosphere but DESTINI (Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative) is still a go. If you feel tremors or experience an earthquake close to where you live, it might not be a natrual event after all. Just letting you know.

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Damn looks like i did it again , did i say leave what i was supposed to write was ” couldn’t give a damn what you think about me, or my writings ”
@kevbo 2 years gosh hopefully i am here that long , if am not assassinated for uncovering some huge worldly issue no one was supposed to see that is .

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Gee, I don’t know. You think you can make it without taking your ball and going home?

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Strange old man next door slashed ball, i have no toys left to throw out of pram
I will be here until such times the site doesn’t exist or i die .

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I note that one of your topics appears to be mis-spelled. It should be “wacky,” given the subject of your question.

I hope this person isn’t a close friend of yours. You might have to look into committing them if they continue on in this vein.

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@Marina So there really is an Area 51 with alien autopsies?

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Not a close friend , just someone i speak with from time to time luckily

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@YARNLADY You mean to say you haven’t seen AA if it is on video it is realz ~

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Seriously, why does that alien look remarkably human? I mean, even if there were complex alien species out there, what is the probability that they would evolve to look almost exactly like us? I say the probability is near zero.

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Day After Tomorrow was a movie, and a bad one at that, based very loosely on proper climate/meterological science. Great escapism, if you are into that, but hardly anything to take seriously. People that think movies are true because they look to be true or say they are based on a true story really need to pick up a non-fiction book now and again.

Movies, despite what some people think, do NOT have all the answers to life’s questions. They are entertainment, nothing more.

I was going to say movies are like masturbating in a dimly lit room with a bucket of popcorn in your lap, but thought that might give people weird mental images. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that. :-)

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You’re saying my life is like a movie? Cool!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra. I already experience weird mental images at random intervals. As far as touching myself while eating popcorn, that’s something else altogether. =)

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@shilolo, I’ll believe in aliens when I see one, but one hypothesis I’ve read is that the basic humanoid form is quite common throughout the universe. As much as anything to do with aliens, I would say that’s not an unreasonable idea.

@evelyns_pet_zebra, even for a non-whack-job cynic, that’s a little naive. Films are entertainment, yes, but they are also (and have long been) marketing vehicles for all sorts of agendas, including the diamond cartel, the tobacco lobby, and the military, which has a group and an agenda dedicated to managing Hollywood and the military’s image in film.

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@kevbo Really? Why not dolphin shaped aliens, or crab people? Whoever proposes this must strongly favor dramatic convergent evolution, which is highly unlikely.

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@shilolo…..Actually, they are all around us but we don’t recognize them…they all look like common rocks. Who do you think was behind that incredible creation, the pet rock? Well, that is how they finagled themselves into our homes to observe us! See ya….wtf
…...and he calls himself a Medical Doctor!?

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If you believe that life evolved independently on different planets, yes it’s unlikely. If you think it’s possible that we were scattered by a universal source, then it’s less of a stretch.

I’m not saying it’s true, just that it’s a possibility, and it doesn’t really preclude the idea of sea-based alien forms.

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@kevbo; since the fossil record strongly suggests that we did our evolving from much more primitive predecessors right here on earth, then the evolutionary distance from your posited common universal ancestor would still have to be quite large, and the chance of convergence therefore quite small, unless you are suggesting that Earth itself was the universal source, in the relatively recent past, of which there is no apparent evidence.

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This question is freaky. Only a imaginary God could answer it. That is one thing I am not. I am sorry. I can only control the weather inside an enclosed space or around a campfire.

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