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How much should I ask for my used serger?

Asked by Daethian (334points) July 10th, 2009

I have a serger from the 1990’s that is in in good shape and gently used. I want to sell it but don’t have any idea how much to aks for it. It’s a riccar RL 634DE and I have spools of thread to go with it.

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Not really sure what a serger is, sorry. But I would check ebay and see how much one is going for.

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Already did that, none on ebay

Serger is a multithread interlocking stitch sewing machine which also has the ability to trim off the excess fabric from your seams. Look at your clothes seams, that was made by a serger. Unless you make your own clothes at home with a regular sewing maching. LOL

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@Daethian oh well thats cool. I would call around to local shops and see if they might know or know anyone thats interested. Also try posting it on craigslist. People are always looking for things there. Best of luck.

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You are dead on about that LOL I am having a yard sale next week and placed an ad on Craigslist. Someone emailed to find out how much the serger is!!! I don’t even remember what it was new.

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