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I have a alot of butternut walnuts coming to fruition and was wondering if anyone has any tips on harvesting or enjoying them?

Asked by Garebo (3190points) July 11th, 2009
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Since no one has answered your question I’ll give it a shot. I’ve never tried butternut walnuts but with black walnuts I wait until they fall to the ground and then gather them. As to enjoying them, you might try making a pie. My dad used to make the most amazingly delicious black walnut pie. He used the basic pecan pie recipe in the old Joy of Cooking and just substituted the walnuts for the pecans. You’d be amazed at how good it tasted, specially with a little ice cream on top. Anyway, butternut walnuts might make a pretty good pie too.

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Walnuts are wonderful and so good for you just raw.

Other ways I use them include:

*diced in curried chicken salad with grapes

*diced and sauteed with mushrooms, shallot and a little cream over cooked green beans.

*candied (tossed over medium heat with brown sugar and butter) and used in salads or with shrimp and mixed vegetables as a delicious Asian dish.

*diced and added to muffins and quick breads (like banana, date or zucchini).

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@lillycoyote: I will definitely try the pie. Butternuts are nearly the same as Black Walnut so your right they will work.
@Marina: thanks for reminding me of the Curried chicken salad. I am going to do that today with the leftover B’que chicken; unfortunately, it will have to be store bought Walnuts.

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