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Has a mentor helped you achieve something in your life that you otherwise would not have?

Asked by lilgiraffe (283points) July 12th, 2009
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In an odd sense, yes. I ran into someone a few years ago that answers my questions with clues, riddles and certain looks. This person has become quite a mystery but I think it’s part of the teaching or enlightenment.

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Unfortunately not.

While I have received some good advice from a few people over the years, no one ever took me under their wing or consistently advised me or shared any real wisdom.

I’ve had to figure out most things on my own. While I’m proud of my self-reliance, there were certainly times in my life I could have really used a mentor.

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The best one has been my Hubby of the last 35 years.

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I’ll second what @YARNLADY said, even though he’s not my husband yet le sigh

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Yes, my tai chi 師傅. He teaches me tai chi but is someone who has permeated to otehr aspect of my life.

Not even as much as what he “does” but who he is.
His presence, the way he is meticulously organised in the kitchen when we are cooking; his absolute devotion to family (Sundays are commited family days), his generosity, etc, etc. He brings out the best in me and is someone I want to be a better person for. He’s also made me realise how important humour is for me, and how I want that in a relationship with a significant other.

But you want a concrete example as how he has affected things I have done. Let’s see… when I am performing in the theatre (I am a dancer/actress.director), and I want to ratchet my energy to peak performance stage, I might imagine him being there. Doing so: a) relaxes me, because I associate him with the calm in our tai chi and b) pushes me to do better, and give more.

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yes, I would not be atheist if it weren’t for my dad and TV


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@lifeflame Noooo, lifeflameson.

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