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Damn it . . I just sprayed weedkiller on 36 raspberry canes HELP?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 13th, 2009

I have a patch in the garden it looked like just over grown weeds and grass , so out came the weedkiller only its not all weeds and grass am killing .
There are 20 raspberry canes i stopped as soon as i noticed what they were , but i did spray some is there a chance they won’t die .

When i moved in last year there was bushes and plants ( where the raspberries are now) , i cut all these bushes away and now it seems the raspberries have seen the light and are now growing they are old canes and would have been well established before these bushes were introduced.
Is there anything i can do that will/could help make them survive , or are raspberry canes able to survive even this…..

It was a liquid weedkiller i used and was using a pressurized spray gun, it works by being absorbed through the leaves to destroy whatever its sprayed on . Takes 2 days to show signs of decay , lifting and potting up is not an option at current time .

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The weedkiller in Question is Glyphosate Concentrate

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Do you really want to eat berries with weed killer sprayed on them?

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I guess spraying them heavily with water ASAP might help, trying not to drown them. I wouldn’t eat them anymore.

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No i don’t plan on eating them this year , ii didn’t even know they were there .
I don’t want to eat the fruits this season , i want to save the plant so they can be enjoyed next season .

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I would get a mild-detergent attachment for the garden hose (like for washing cars or windows) and spray those bushes well, maybe the weed-killer can be washed off before it kills the raspberries.

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@sandystrachan If the plants and leaves are actively growing, you only have 4 hours before 80% of the glyphosate salt (I’m assuming you used Round-up) is absorbed. Washing the leaves immediately after application might work but after the magic 4 hours, you’re just wasting water. Maybe someone from Monsanto can answer your question but you’ll have to work fast.

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And it was systemic, right….):
Not much you can do but cut back severly later on…....devorm follaige and growth awaits you….best of luck for the new season. foliar feed after cut back and tons of water right now…....

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They have been washed with water , hopefully the instructions are correct ( it was rather sunny and hot so that may have soaked in more weedkiller ). If it rains within 6 hours of application it will have no or little effect, re-application will be required.
And right after i washed them there was a heavy down pour of rain :) only time will tell now .
@Lupin The product i used was not round up , but was by Bayer .

Maybe i did get there in time , the other things i sprayed are looking pretty dreary and drab as i look out the window . Yet the raspberry canes look pretty good .

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@ Everyone : The raspberry canes are saved , all the other things that was sprayed are DEAD . Thanks for the help and advice

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Just a note to say that poison is poison. When you spray poison on anything, it gets down into the water reservoirs and places you wouldn’t imagine. Unless you want to kill butterflies, birds and oodles of other wonderful life, don’t use that stuff. There are so many links to cancer that It makes my hair stand on end just to think of folks deliberately using it. I wouldn’t eat anything that was grown around that stuff.

Perhaps you’ve learned from this episode.

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