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What is a good RSS reader for Mac AND iPhone?

Asked by jpasq03 (233points) July 13th, 2009

I want to invest in an iPhone, and I want my RSS feeds with me (which currently live in Safari). So, I want a Mac & iPhone application that keeps my feeds across systems, I don’t want an online reader ie: Google Reader. Preferably something free.

I know that Newsfire is a free RSS feed reader for Mac, but it doesn’t (as of yet) have a companion iPhone app.


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NetNewsWire is a great, free, app that has both a desktop and iPhone version.

I don’t own a mac, nor do I wish to, so I just use the app on my iPod. You can add the feeds either on the desktop app, or on their website. It does what I need, and i think it has what you want, too.

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I like NetNewsWire. It’s probably the best one out there for you. The mac version is good too.

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Netnewswire for sure. I like it a lot and its easy to use on the iPhone.

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Netnewswire hands down. They sync unread articles. it’s great. I’ve tried a few different ones but NNW remains.

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Thanks guys!

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Netnewswire (again). It’s pretty good, but personally I prefer Google Reader. Instapaper can also function as a feed reader.

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@growler Yeah I use instapaper also for articles I come across online that I want to read later but don’t really want to subscribe to the site’s rss feed. It’s a great addition to have next to NNW. Together they take care of my information addiction.

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@Deepness Same here. Also very handy for archiving articles. The Pro app has a nice subscription feature.

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Well, i use Google Reader for both. They have a pretty nice iPhone interface.

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Ok i wanna update. Use Google Reader on your mac, and Byline on the iphone. Byline is a client that reads Google Reader.

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Try Snackr. It streams beautifully like a ticker on your desktop. It can also sync with google reader so you’re not entirely reliant to a Mac app to check your RSS feeds in case you don’t have your mac.
Don’t be afraid to install adobe air to use it. Adobe air has a multitude of other apps you can use, not just Snackr. All the apps I’ve tried running from it have a beautiful and clean interface. And they’re fast enough too.

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