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Well, no but it is upsetting to learn that even with 10 percent of the votes from Iowa he’s being excluded from his own party’s debates (or at least Fox’s).

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No, I still think he’s a racist libertarian lunatic who would be a disaster as president.

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hey rob, please tell me why u think hes racist?

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He’s probably not racist, really, but his poise is lacking for someone who would deal with foreign nations and other world leaders. I’m not changed at all in my thoughts about Ron Paul. It’s like a job interview. Sometimes you just know that a candidate for the position just doesn’t have what it takes, even though they say the right things. With Ron Paul, he doesn’t seem capable of handling tough people which is a must as president of this country. In debates he just ends up whining more than being assertive, at least so it seems to me.

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